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Getting ready to send in my Gold Match to Kimber...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by RobertFBurnett, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. RobertFBurnett

    RobertFBurnett Member

    Dec 17, 2007
    Questions before I send in my Gold Match to Kimber...

    Hey all, have been putting off the inevitable of having to send in my Gold Match to Kimber due somewhat to cash flow but also to the negative feedback I've been hearing about them lately. For 8 years anytime I mentioned I owned a Kimber Gold Match the response was always "Great Gun." Now I am worried my first and favorite (sentimentally, I can't shoot it at the moment, read on to see why. :)) and I hate to spend $35 to send it in to some mean people.

    I have a Gold Match, Blue, I bought new in 2000-01, before the whole II series. The hammer is sometimes falling when the slide release is pressed, but only on snap caps, so no misfires. I have been told thats very bad, and have not fired it. I called Kimber and they said send it in.

    Along with that I have several other minor problems wrong with it:
    In no particular order:

    One of my Grip Bushings is defective, the screw is stuck in it and it is crumbling and stripped, no big deal but my Houge monogrips are now ruined along with it.

    My Rear sight wiggles a little left-right

    My right side lever of my ambi-safety just fell out, like nothing was holding it in. The grips were removed so this one may be perfectly normal, I'm just not used to gun part falling out.

    And my (yes its 8 years old, but only seen 250 rounds +- and never kept loaded) factory mag is no longer letting the slide lock back on last shot.

    Heres my question(s) especially to anyone that has recently dealt with Kimber: I know I have never dropped it and taken good care of it, and only put like 600 rounds through it. Will sending it in with a laundry list of problems to Kimber make them think its my fault and I dropped it and should be charged for for all 5 problems? Should I just throw away the mag, buy a new bushing and grip and just send it in for the hammer work? Or just send it in and let the chips fall where they may?

    Thank you all,
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