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Glock 19 opinions?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ericp1, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. tarosean

    tarosean Member

    Oct 22, 2010
    I just about only shoot shotguns and handguns now-a-days... Own 3 glocks including 2 19s.. Your preaching to the choir. However, its been my experience that they fail just as regularly as other handguns. I just don't make excuses like many do....
  2. mgkdrgn

    mgkdrgn Member

    Jul 21, 2008
    Lexington, SC
    When I went to Front Sight in NV a few years ago for my 2 day handgun class, I rented a gun from them rather than have to travel with mine.

    It was a Glock 19.

    There were 20 people in my group, about 1/2 and 1/2 personal guns an G19 rentals.

    And these were not -new- G19's by any stretch ... and we put 300+ rounds through them in 2 days.

    NONE of the rental guns ever had a failure of any kind.

    ALL of the other guns did.

    Was enough to convince me .... went and bought a G26.
  3. KYamateur

    KYamateur Member

    Apr 14, 2013
    I'm not a huge Glock fan but if you read through many internet forums where people ask "If you could only have one gun?", you will most likely see the Glock 19 mentioned the most times. I would have to say I can agree with that. It's easy to shoot accurately, 100% or as close as it gets to reliable, the most corrosive resistant I have ever seen, and it is super simple to operate and take apart and clean. Some like the 17s better and some like the 26s better, but if you have average hands I would say the 19 is the one to buy. I am a fan of steel pistols, revolvers, and 1911s, but keep a Glock 19 beside my bed.
  4. RetiredUSNChief

    RetiredUSNChief Member

    Jul 9, 2012
    SC (Home), VA (Work)

    Let me get this straight: you had a "class" of some sort (your "Handygun 101" reference) where 3 out of the 4 semi-automatics they had malfunctioned?

    I'd be greatly interested in knowing what these other three semi-automatics were that malfunctioned, including how they malfunctioned.

    Given the general quality of most firearms today, that seems to be an abnormally high percentage of failure rates. Without knowing more information on these pistols, the one common factor I can positively see with these failures is...(insert drum roll here)...THE HANDYGUN 101 CLASS!

    If you would, please post some more information.

    As for the Glock 19...

    I don't like Glocks, period. However, I freely admit this is a personal bias based solely on what I consider to be an absolutely ugly looking firearm. Glocks have an excellent track record for quality and reliability that ranks right up at the top of the list with the best of them.

    They're just uglier than sin, in my opinion.

  5. Buzznrose

    Buzznrose Member

    Feb 15, 2012
    SA, TX
    How? Short of holding the slide somehow??? Why would you do that?
  6. Bobson

    Bobson Member

    Aug 9, 2011
    Snohomish County, Washington
    I love the G19. Its been my go-to CCW handgun for over a year, and its never jammed on me. I find the weight and size to be perfectly manageable, and I love the grip size far more than either the G17 or G26. Mag capacity is great too, at 15+1 in a compact frame. You really can't lose.
  7. Ben86

    Ben86 Member

    Sep 9, 2008
    MS, USA
    The G19 is my choice for a general purpose pistol. It's substantial enough for HD and small enough for CC. I shoot it fine and it's very reliable. It's also very light weight for it's size.

    I have other guns for fun, but for serious purposes I use my G19. Not that shooting the gun isn't plenty fun! ;)
  8. Rodfac

    Rodfac Member

    Dec 13, 2012
    Great gun, easy to keep running, even when dirty. I once ran 600 rounds through a brand new G19 (at Front Sight's 4-day Defensive Handgun Course), without cleaning it...you guessed it, zero malfunctions, nada.

    Glocks have a different trigger than most any other type of handgun...it took me a cpl hundred rounds to learn to use it effectively, that said, it's first rate for defensive use...light enough for good accuracy (lighter than say most any double action revolvers and I've got a slew of Smiths, several Colts and a Ruger to know the difference), but heavy enough to prevent inadvertent firing in an encounter where the adrenalin is flowing.

    They're accurate in the three specimens I've owned: two G19's and a G23. Accurate enuf to put 7 rounds in an inch spread at 10-12 yards from a modified Weaver Stance. The trigger pull, always the same if you don't use the "reset", makes the follow up shot as accurate as the first one, if you do your part. With a Sig, DA/SA, I have a problem with that 2nd shot being out of the group, but several state and federal LEO friends say it's just a training issue...use one gun all the time and you'll eventually learn to shoot it well!

    Parts are readily available and they're easy to install...just consult one of the 10,000 U-Tube posts on how to do it.

    They have a low bore to top of your gripping hand distance, lower than any other automatic of my acquaintance: I"ve got Colts, Rugers, two Sigs.
    That equates to less flip up during recoil allowing better control and accuracy of follow up shots. I do better with them than with a 1911, in any caliber.

    Reliability: they set the standard for the industry...a loaded statement that'll probably get me flamed...but it's the truth...ask the instructors at Front Sight, et al....

    My one complaint is that the grips are overly large for a lot of shooters...I have size L hands, and find them a stretch, but you can get used to them...for a small handed individual, man or woman, I'd think they were too big to do really good work...the Gen 4's are better, but even with the smallest size, they seem large.

    I think they're ugly, make that fugly, but extremely well designed for the purpose...a no s**t, hands down and dirty defensive piece that's light and powerful. The G19 and the 9mm round it fires are a good defensive choice for a shooter with medium to large hands; pick a good bullet for defensive use, one that the gun likes and not just the mall ninja's here on the web, and you;'ll be well armed.

    HTH's Rod
  9. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    Jun 5, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    The Glocks overwhelmingly are used in handgun competition for a reason. Simple, affordable, reliable, accurate, easy to maintain, rugged, durable, and on and on and on...

    Among handguns, haters can hate, but it's difficult to find a gun that overall is better at self defense applications (where you rely on immediate, reliable, durable and accurate self defense).

    The G19 is an excellent choice. If you plan to carry it, it's a very good carry size gun. You could go smaller if you desire. If it's SOLEY for home defense, I would go with a larger frame such as the G17 or G34. The added size will aid in recoil and accuracy.

    The 9x19mm is among the best available. If you do your part, the gun and caliber will do its part.

    I would feel totally comfortable carrying and relying on the G19 and quality ammo for self defense (and I can chose from nearly any handgun in my own large collection). In fact, Glocks are among my FIRST choice for this role.
  10. palmetto99

    palmetto99 Member

    Mar 14, 2013
    Upstate, SC
    There are alot of good 9mm pistols on the market similar to the Glock model 19. That said, my primary pistol for carry is the model 19. Mine is a gen 2 purchased new in 1995. Other than grip tape, no mods. A good solid pistol.
  11. orionengnr

    orionengnr Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    Did the OP get busted as a troll in post #23?
    Yep, looks that way to me.

    But as usual, nobody reads the post...just "tacks on" their opinion.
    Trolls and fanboys are becoming all too common here on THR....
  12. Warp

    Warp Member

    Jan 22, 2008
    It does seem that way.

    OP appears to be trolling.
  13. Flfiremedic

    Flfiremedic Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    Good catch!
  14. Bobson

    Bobson Member

    Aug 9, 2011
    Snohomish County, Washington
    The OP requests opinions on the G19. I don't need to read 40+ posts of other opinions on the G19 before becoming eligible or qualified to share my own experience with it.
  15. ericp1

    ericp1 Member

    Aug 13, 2013

    The Glock 19 I 'have' is actually borrowed from a friend who has and prefers his 17. He just does not like compact. I am considering buying the 19 from him but have not had enough time to check it out enough on range due to work pressures. Enough means several 100+ round visits. I have taken it apart, cleaned, lubed and reassembled it. I was VERY impressed with the ease if this. Also, this process showed me this is a well maintained and/or low round gun. Was clean but needed lube, maybe due to time in storage? My thinking after that was 'fewer things to go wrong'. Do not have knowledge about jams (other than one time I rented one at range and shot 50 rounds jam-free and most recent comparison). If I do not buy this, at least friend will have a gun in better shape then when he loaned it. Everything is now as squeaky clean and well gently lubed as it can get. You cannot find a SPECK of grit or dust now.

    The one range visit I had with this I rented a Gen4 and tried 50 rounds with Gen4 and 50 with borrowed Gen3. All rounds were cheapest ball ammo. Neither G19 misfired or jammed. Preferred 3 as grips were more comfy for me.
    Cleaned / lubed borrowed G19 after range session. May be OC, but I prefer to return borrowed stuff in equal or better shape then when borrowed.

    Other than what I have rented at range, I NEVER fire a weapon (even factory new) until I have taken it down to bare parts, cleaned, lubed, reassembled, and understand how the parts work together. Ruger gets a micro-inspection once a week if fired. I wear a jeweler's loupe. Want no surprises when use firearm.

    Am considering lighter spring on Ruger, and polish all parts in the trigger assembly with Mother's.
  16. Field Tester

    Field Tester Member

    Apr 10, 2012
    San Diego, CA
    Yeah, I'm calling BS on all of this. 4 days previously after joining you state you just acquired your first firearm (your Ruger). In the same thread you admit you're a "newb" and need much more training. In the next thread you claim to use the Glock as a back up piece. Well that escalated quickly.

    After professing to be a "newb" as you put it, you proceed to hand out advice like it's free candy. This in my mind is not only foolish, it's dangerous. In my mind a few days or few months for that matter does not mortally or ethically enable you to hand out advice to new fellow shooters. I'd also be careful "borrowing" that friends firearm and carrying it for any length of time (depending on which state you live in).

    If you want to learn and ask questions, that's fine. Please don't go spreading your potentially dangerous advice and experience around.

    My take, obvious troll is a troll.
  17. ku4hx

    ku4hx Member

    Nov 8, 2009
    If this is true, either you own very few guns or else you spend an awful lot of time sitting alone at the kitchen table doing this.
  18. cocojo

    cocojo Member

    Feb 11, 2003
    I own two Glock 19's a gen 3 and a gen 4, both are totally reliable. This is one of the best handguns you will ever buy. I have owned numerous handguns through my life and this is the best of the best.
  19. jim goose

    jim goose Member

    Aug 17, 2010
    I recently sold off my revolvers and 1911, but kept my gen 3 g19. It is everything people say it is. But, it does;t "feel right" in everyones hand. I'm one of those people, and find myself looking for it's replacement. Make sure you shoot it first, and try out some other guns. I like the Steyr's, just need to shoot one now.
  20. MagnunJoe

    MagnunJoe Member

    Jan 27, 2013
    South Florida
    +4 if it's a generation 3 Glock made before 2010. I have 1 and its the most reliable gun I own. Having said that, I have shot and have seen shot 2 gens 4s and both of them had weak extractions with brass in the face.
  21. bdickens

    bdickens Member

    May 1, 2008
    Houston, TX
    By mixing snap caps in with the ammo in your magazines.
  22. Spats McGee

    Spats McGee Moderator

    Mar 15, 2012
    Let me start out by saying that I've never wanted to like Glocks, and I still don't want to like them. With that said, I have gotten to spend a little time with a couple of G19s. One (a Gen2 or 3?) was a loaner while my other carry gun was getting some upgrades, and the other was one that I got to take the range a couple of times. Despite my desire to dislike them, I soon learned why it's such a popular model.

    1) Take-down. It's easy. I'm what you might call "mechanically reclined," in that I don't really get along with fixing machines. I can field strip most basic firearms for cleaning, etc., but I'm not one to totally disassemble them. I know my limitations. With a G19, it's like "Field Stripping for Dummies." It comes apart into just a few modular parts, and goes back together very easily.

    2) Lightweight. I like full-sized steel pistols. With a proper belt and holster, I don't find them difficult to CC. I cannot deny, however, that even a fully-loaded G19 is easy to carry. I carried the loaner for a few weeks, and could easily see carrying it all day, every day, with minimal fatigue.

    3) Reliable. Let me also say up front that my sample size is statistically insignificant. I put about 150 rounds through a NIB Gen 4 G19. I got it, cleaned and lubed it (which was really easy, see #1, above), and headed to the range. Out of ~150 rounds, I had only one failure, and it was clearly ammo related. Specifically, I had some cheapo plinking ammo, and the bullet separated from the case on attempting to feed the second cartridge. Naturally, it didn't feed properly, and dumped all the powder into the gun and magazine. Cleared that bullet, blew into the gun to knock powder out, and moved on. Not a single other failure.

    4) Accurate -- I'm not a fantastic shot. I'm competent, but I won't be winning the National Bullseye Championship any time soon. I was fortunate enough to have an honest-to-goodness firearms trainer standing by, giving me pointers (which I very gratefully accepted and followed). With all of those disclaimers, I have to say that the G19 put holes where I wanted them. It's probably more accurate than I am.

    There are plenty of other excellent guns out there, but as little as I want to like Glocks, I have to admit that the G19 looks like a very good combination of weight, capacity, caliber, reliability and accuracy.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  23. Mikhail Weiss

    Mikhail Weiss Member

    Jun 20, 2009
    Excellent pistol. I've owned, shot, and carried a second-generation G19 for years and, after some tens of thousands of rounds, can count every malfunction on one hand, using all of three fingers.

    Broken extractor caused a failure to extract and therefore a double feed. Had one failure to eject (not related to the broken extractor), which was rectified by a tap-rack-bang. Broke a trigger spring once, but the pistol continued to work despite the break as long as I let the slide cycle before resetting the trigger.

    The pistol and its various parts appears to be extremely durable, those breakages occurring sometime after twenty-thousand rounds, though I've sometimes wondered if the broken extractor had anything to do with the steel cases run through the gun.
  24. 351 WINCHESTER

    351 WINCHESTER Member

    Mar 19, 2007
    My experience with the 19 is less than stellar. It's a late gen 3 and right off the bat I had brass to my face and stovepipes. I sent it back to glock twice before they replaced the ejector with a 30274 and also the extractor. During that period they didn't admit any problems, but they did seem awfully busy. The pistol runs fine now, but I don't trust it like my 1911's. Maybe if I put enough rounds thru it w/o any problems I will feel better. BTW my nephew got a gen 3 30sf and right off the bat he had brass to his face and all over the place. Might just be a glock thing, but sure is annoying.
  25. hentown

    hentown Member

    May 13, 2012
    While that's true, regarding terminal performance, it's also largely irrelevant to this discussion. One could equally argue that a .50 bmg has a great deal more terminal performance than anything mentioned so far...so what??

    How about training some of those novices on shooting pumps around obstacles and from a prone position? ;)

    I have several semi-auto shotguns that have NEVER, not once, failed to fire when I pulled the trigger, and, if I were going to choose a shotty for home defense, it'd be my 20 ga mod 1100 special field with 21" barrel. However, having shot eleventy-zillion rounds through both Glocks and shotguns, my choice is still a G17 for home defense.

    If I weren't picking the Glock, and decided I had to have "more effective" firepower, it'd be one of my M4s.

    If the most reliable firearms were pump-actions, then ARs and Glocks would be pumps. Only third-world residents of places like California use pump ARs. :evil: ( I tried to properly spell California with a "K", but the censor software wouldn't let me!)
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