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Got back from Perry last night, a report of the experience

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by VARifleman, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. VARifleman

    VARifleman Member

    Feb 6, 2005
    Northern VA
    This would be the 3rd year that I've gone, and managed to bring back a case of Lapua Midas M, some toys for my air rifle and smallbore rifle. I got my old Hammerli air rifle fixed, the regulator wasn't working and the valve was broken, and I got my 2013's trigger cleaned and adjusted.

    I would have to say that I'm fairly happy with how I did. I shot for the good ole USA in the William Drew Cup, an international postal prone match with a 3 man team, a 3 woman team, and a 10 person mixed team. It is shot against Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, and South Africa. The teams are selected from the top prone scores shot by those 20 and under in the 3p matches. The course of fire is an English match (60 shots prone on the 50 M UIT target), and since they didn't get the shelter put up out on Viale range, it was shot out in the scorching sun. I don't know my actual score, but it was around 580.

    As for 3p, I finished 35th of the 370 some people that shot, with a score of 2207. My team came in 5th overall for both metallic sights and any sights matches.

    Prone went well the first day, I dropped 5 points, 3 at 100 and 2 at 50 yds (don't ask...) for a new personal best with metallic sights. I was happy with the second day with the exception of my meter match (dropped 6 then, with gusting winds, but that was more from it blowing my barrel around instead of the wind affecting the bullet, I just shouldn't have taken those shots). I dropped 8 that day. I didn't shoot on tuesday, I missed the dewer team by the point I dropped at 50 yds, so I got my rifle serviced. I shot the made in america match with a friend's H&R model 12 and got a 394, for a 4th place finish, then went on to shoot the mentor match, where my team finished 3rd with a 797-54x (they weren't doing challenges and I swear that they marked my 100 yard down one more point than what I actually shot). On the first Any sights day, it was frustrating. I shot 399s across the board. The second any sights day, I had a good dewar course, terrible 100 yd course (dropped 2 on either target), a decent meter match (down one), and a personal best at 50 yds outdoors with a 400-36x.

    I finished in 39th place out of 296 competitors, so no distinguished leg for me in prone. :(

    Now I just have to do some grip work on my rifles with a rat tail file and bondo. Doesn't that make some of you cringe? :cool:
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