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Got my AR put together, with a story. (56K beware)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Crow1108, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Crow1108

    Crow1108 Member

    Nov 12, 2007
    Already posted this at zombiehunters.org, but haven't shown you guys yet (for those of you who don't frequent that forum).

    Well, as I posted in a previous thread, I had ordered an MRP railed upper directly from LMT. Since it was a 5 month wait, I found m-aparts.com had them in stock, so cancelled my order with LMT and ordered from them. My m-aparts order came within a week, and they charged me the MRP price, but inside the box was a standard LMT flattop upper :eek: (about an $800 difference).

    I called m-aparts, and explained to them what had happened. They were pretty cool with it, and told me to send in the upper, and they'd send the MRP that I had ordered, and also a free magazine for my troubles. Well I thought about it for a sec (I really don't like sending things in, and with the difference I could finish my AR build strong rather than buying it piece by piece over the next few months if I had went with the MRP), and asked her if they could just refund me the difference. They were happy to oblige, so no harm, no foul (I chalked it up to a busy shipping department).

    Anyway, I finally got my AR put together.

    Bushmaster Lower, LMT 16" upper, LMT Enhanced bolt, LMT bolt carrier, Midwest Industries 2 piece railed handguards, ARMS #40 BUIS, Blackhawk Sling. Also got an aimpoint Comp M3, but I am waiting on my mount from Larue tactical (which should be in on Monday).



    I also ordered this bag from cheaperthandirt.com (about $60). It's pretty nice for what you pay for.


    Two medium sized MOLLE pouches hold 2 mags comfortably, but can hold 3 if you play with the adjustments.


    Pocket with two pistol pockets under the MOLLE pouches. Would've brought my 1911 out for the photo op, but didn't wanna wake the missus (it's in my nightstand).


    Main pocket holds my AR nice and snug.


    I'm sure many of the ARF.commers would call this heresy, but everything fit together really well.

  2. SudSlinger

    SudSlinger Member

    Nov 13, 2008
    Big fan of the SWIFT Sling.....you'll love it
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