Got to see and fire a gorgeous old rifle yesterday

custom 1903 springfield in 3006, i bought this rifle at public auction for 400.00, i don,t think i could get the stock made today for 400.00. its a very good shooter. i have another custom 98 mauser in 9.3x62 that i paid the same amount for thats just as nice.


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It was built 50 years ago by the current owner when he was 15! 98 mauser action .308
Very trim dimensions. Walnut foreend cap on a maple stock. Old 4x Redfield TV wide view scope. It shot really well.
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Gotta love the old 98's & 03's.

Can't say that I built it on my own, but my gunsmith friend and mentor "sold" me this barreled 98 action at his cost in 1956 (on time, "nothing down, pay as you can, but you keep the books 'cause I don't want to.") and provided Bishop stock blank, Weaver scope, etc. also at cost when I was 16 with the understanding that he would walk me through finishing the project.

I was in high school & working part time in a print shop for $.75/hour so it took us about a year of super enjoyable evenings in his shop to finish the project, many nights on the hand rubbed oil finish on stock. Don't remember if it was paid off by the time it was finished or not.

Rest in peace Werth, I sure miss those evenings and the numerous projects we shared over the many years that followed.
ETA: Forgot to mention, the original barrel was a new in wrapper Browning water cooled machine gun barrel which was cut and rechambered to the then new .308 Win. While the bore looked beautiful, loads had to be reduced to near 30-30 velocities before it would group. We fit a Shillen chambered in 6mm Rem. and the groups shrunk to moa. :)

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