Grant County Shooters Association, Elbow Lake MN near Alexandria / Fergus Falls

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  1. B1gGr33n

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    Jan 12, 2011
    Central Minnesota
    Long time since I've posted here. Went thru a move recently. I used to frequent a free range in Staples MN at McGivern park. I'd had no luck finding a chunk of available public ground for shooting, so I decided to check out the local shooting club. Found this one about 12 miles north of Elbow Lake, or 15 miles south of Fergus Falls. They have a nice pistol range that goes to about 15 yards, a shotgun patterning range, a skeet/trap range, a 100-200 yard and a 200-600 yard rifle range. To top it off, they have a telephone pole that you can put your deer stand on to practice shots for deer season. All this for a very reasonable $30/year single, $45/year family membership.

    *Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this club beyond being a new member. The only benefit I have to gain from this post is the possibility of some new shooting buddies.
Thread Status:
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