Great customer service from SCCY


Jan 21, 2003
The great state of TEXAS
I recently bought a used SCCY and I knew it was missing the rear sight. I had planned to purchase aftermarket sights for it, but decided to test out the customer service I had heard good things about. I called them up and told them my situation and asked if I could purchase a replacement rear sight. The CSR asked my name, etc and the serial #. He said it would go out that day. I asked him how much it was and he just said "No charge, we'll send it out to you free." That was last Wednesday. I got it Friday! I am happy. Now I have to get the M-Carbo trigger & spring kit and I think I will have a new favorite pocket pistol.
I also had a good experience with their CS.
I bought a used CPX-2. I called about an actual owners manual.

They sent me the manual, box (No SN), lock, and an extra magazine.
I called back and asked to at least pay for the magazine and they just thanked me for buying their product.