Guess Who Is Getting a NIB Nighthawk Custom "Thunder Ranch Combat Special" In 45 ACP Monday Morning!


Feb 18, 2006
Valley Forge, Pa
Always wanted this 19111A1, Thunder Ranch Combat Special, in this style and finish. The kind people at Nighthawk clued me in that one was just shipped into dealer's stock and available for purchase. There would be no 12-14 month lead time if I ordered this one. Bonus also was the addition of a RMR cutout to add a optic sight if I so I so desired (I did). Purchased from a vendor new to me "High Roller Guns" in Los Vegas, NV. Pisto wa put into que the same day I purchased it and is now sitting in Fedex's warehouse in Philadelphia for Monday delivery to my FFL dealer. First time I ever dealt with this company and so far very pleased with their excellent service.and price. They are a Nighthawk Custom stocking dealer. More, and pics to follow after Monday's delivery.
WOW! That will be an awesome addition! :thumbup:

Nighthawk makes some really nice pistols, I think you are really going to like the TR edition.

Can’t wait to hear about your initial impressions and how it shoots. :)

Stay safe.
Swamp; I've done that many times when still working. Love building AR-15's to my specs. What are you building and caliber?
Nothing now, but a 6mm ARC is in my near future; barrel will be BHW or X-Caliber. The comment above was in reference to my Black Hole Weaponry 223 Wylde barrel delivery. FedEx "promised" it would deliver on Sunday, so I asked for Monday off...I got SO mad!
Congratulations! You've got a post some pictures of that one once you pick it up.
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Built an AR15 myself with a 223 Wylde chamber as a match rifle. Frankly don't think it was worth the trouble for the slight increase in accuracy I received. BTW, good old FEDEX decided to deliver my pistol tomorrow instead of today as promised. Just love those delivery carriers!!!
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Arrived today and it's everything I expected it to be. Extremally tight upon disassembly. Will post pics of my new Nighthawk tomorrow afternoon.