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Gun Taskforce Formed in Kearney

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Desertdog, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Desertdog

    Desertdog Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Ridgecrest Ca
    Gun Taskforce Formed in Kearney

    Several Kearney residents are tired of being the only ones in Nebraska not allowed to carry concealed weapons. Last month, Kearney mayor Galen Hadley said the city council wasn't even taking up the issue, because citizens hadn't requested it. A group of residents are saying if the mayor hasn't heard them yet, he will. They've gotten together and formed the Kearney 'Right to Carry Concealed' Taskforce. Tonight was the first meeting for people to join, and to inform anyone interested in learning about the concealed-carry ban. The people who attended also brainstormed ideas to bring to the city council.

    Walter B. Kamp II , Taskforce Chair, says, "I'm just asking that they put an exception in their ordinance for those who get their permit. Someone who holds a current and valid concealed carrying handgun permit after the first of the year, obviously has taken the training, had the background check, the whole bit; jumped through a bunch of hoops. I believe there is no reason they should be denied."

    Nebraska's conceal-carry law, formally known as LB454, asks that residents go through all the stops just mentioned the training, background check, plus paying a $100 fee to get a five-year permit. Some of the folks at tonight's meeting say after going through all that, they feel like the only town whose government doesn't trust them to carry resposibly.

    Lucuas Gerdes , Kearney resident, says, "I believe it's kind of backward for Kearney to be one of the only places in Nebraska not to have this."

    A few folks also said they didn't feel they needed concealed weapons for protection in Kearney, but they should have the right to do so.
  2. Phetro

    Phetro Member

    Feb 1, 2006
    Leftist version:

    Guns a 'Threat to Our Way of Life', say Kearney Residents

    Recently, as many Nebraska residents are aware, a new law permitting concealed carry of dangerous handguns was passed in the state. However, the town of Kearney, concerned for the safety of its citizens, has bravely stood against the ban.

    "The people don't want this. They haven't requested this," said the town's mayor.

    Several "people," clad in camouflage and in need of a visit to the dentist, were angrily marching in the streets Monday, arguing that the citizens did, in fact, need an ancient medieval privilege known as "freedom" that was being "infringed" and should not be. The concept of freedom, as most modern societies know, has been repeatedly found to be dangerous to the public safety, and was long ago voted out democratically. These few seem to not have noticed this fact, and demand that the outdated notion be returned.

    "They ain't got no right to do this 'n' all, y'know?" said one hayseed-chewing attendee, between unsuccessful attempts to fasten his overalls' buttons. When told of the "Power for the People" ordinance passed by the city council in 2004, which grants the town's government nearly unlimited power in order to protect the people, he seemed unable to comprehend its obvious validity.

    But the overwhelming majority of the people of Kearney disagree with the few extremists. In a recent poll conducted by Zogby, a firm well-respected for their accurate polling on political issues, 99.99% of residents reported finding handguns "icky" and believed that they should only be possessed by "the police and military and such--only government people, who we should obviously trust more than mere citizens," as one poll-taker--who requested to remain anonymous--stated.

    Another Zogby poll recently found that 90% of Americans prefer the Democratic Party to all others, are atheists, want a woman to be president, want higher taxes, and favor free drive-through abortion clinics for 8 1/2-month pregnant women.

    Nebraska has Hope

    The same Zobgy poll found that a similar majority favors commonsense gun control--such as outright bans and door-to-door searches--everywhere in Nebraska. Political turmoil is raging across the state as many are accusing lawmakers of betraying the wishes of their constituents. One group's Executive Director--Dick Jones of the Committee for the Right to Feel Safe--said, "We know there's background checks. It's just not enough. We need to do more to keep our children safe from the scourge of deadly guns!"

    They're a threat to our way of life!" added Jones.

    While it is not clear how the situation will end, many believe that the continued presense of gun violence in Nebraska will wake the "confused hayseeds" up. "Someone was murdered by a gun just last decade!" shouted Jones. "If it happened here then, blood can be running in the streets any day--confiscate the guns now, before it's too late!"

    The citizens of Kearney, and all Nebraska, are praying that his warning is heeded. "Why do we want to go on killing our children?" one resident asked. "If banning these horrible instruments of death saves even one life, isn't it worth it to make some gun-nut have to find another hobby?"
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