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guns and re-cycling. no bs facts!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 17poundr, May 8, 2007.

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  1. 17poundr

    17poundr Member

    Sep 29, 2006
    Surrounded by a wolf pack on the icy waists of the
    So, we know that an all steel gun, can be melted back into say, any modern steel using appliance, a screwdriver for example, it's the old, plows to swords dictum...

    But, and now we are going deep into my likings as well, we have a a problem...

    Number one... All those award winning guns, including most of the NATO armies guns! Yep, they use what the industry likes to call polymer, but it's a plastic. Actually polutionmer would be a much better name, as now it has been established that nowhere in the worlds seas is there plastic particle free water anymore, small microschopic particles of plastics, just having come from only about six decades of plastics being arround, and the older they are, the more they 'give' small flakes of themselves, that dont turn into rust and in the end just more seabed, no, they are there for good! yeps!!!

    So, I thinks, ok, if I wants modernity, I'll start a scandium push, everybody drop yer polluter-45, and grab a re-cycle scandium-10mm!

    But, apparently, there are problems with scandium also... Why, it's a naturally mined metal isnt it? Well yes, but I gather that what the industry does, is mixes it with Aluminium, both are re-meltable by them selves, but the mix, is more of a b**ch!

    I could be wrong,but a fast google kind of gave me that picture...

    Ookey, then, so what's left, well, I guess the Chrome thing is passe by now, very toxic actually...

    So boys and gals, it's back to basics, gun metal steel, with wood.

    And, hey! Here is the good part... They look the best! :neener:

    Do ya doubt, ? Think of all those ww2 guns, and the ak-s and well, even Sig is trying to 'go retro with it's SAS line....

    But anybody with serious info, please load it onto us!!!!!!

    Mr poundr.

    ps. i'll post some 'au naturel' guns, that is to my best knowledge, they probaby have some chrome bit's inside, but hey I cant know what i cant see... :confused:

    Looks like me, that from these fine guns, only the armalite is pretty much irrevercably into plastics. And even that could be rectified by 'going retro' the first m-16 had what they call 'early composites' meaning a kind of fiberglass, that's kind of ok, and the rest was aluminium and steel I belive, the FN appart from its stock was full steel, and stocks can be easily done para style steel frame like things....

    The rest are steel as far as I know...

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  2. Justin

    Justin Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 29, 2002
    Justifying your aesthetic preferences based on the notion of environmentalism?

    Yeah, that's not going to cause a flame-war.
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