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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Grmlin, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Grmlin

    Grmlin Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    Eastern N.C.
    To all Gunsmiths on the forum, I could use some help. I have gone back to school and have to do an I-Search paper for my English class and I chose gunsmithing, unfortunately there aren’t that many around wear I live. I am Waiting on a call back from the gunsmith down the road, he’s the best around and most of the shops use him. I have a list of questions if you would not mind answering them along with your personal observations or any other information you think might be pertanant. I thought I was done writing reports when I retired from the Marine Corps, I guess it’s the price you pay for trying to better yourself and open new job possibilities. Glad I invested in the GI Bill no way would I be able to do this without it. Here are the questions, If you like, you can pm directly to me. Thanks for your time.

    1. How did you get into gunsmithing?

    2. Did you go to a trade school, study with a gunsmith or are you self-taught?
    3. Do you need a special certificate to be a gunsmith?

    4. Since you are dealing with firearms are there special federal licenses you have to have, to work on, store, and if you have to ship them?

    5. What does it cost to get started in this business?

    6. What specialty tools do you really need?

    7. Is there a lot of competition or do you find other gun smiths willing to help each other out?

    8. With the shows now on TV about gun manufacturers have you noticed an increase in business?

    9. Do you get many requests for custom builds or complete reworks on current firearms?

    10. Have you watched any of the shows on TV and do you think they do the gun industry justice or harm?

    11. What happens in the unlikely event you make a mistake when working on a client’s firearm?

    12. What are some of the strangest things you have seen people do to their firearms or have been requested to do to one?

    13. How do you handle a problem customer?

    14. Is the income sufficient for someone to do this job as a career or do you think they would have to have another form of income?

    15. Do you find gunsmithing rewarding or does it get overwhelming?

    16. Are you required to have a specialty insurance policy?

    17. What kind of restrictions do you face with the Gov’t, state and federal along with the business aspect?

    18. Is there anything else you would add to this and what kind of advice would you give to someone thinking about getting into this field?
  2. cyclopsshooter

    cyclopsshooter Member

    May 13, 2009
    The Shadow Knows...
    Use the search, these questions have been covered.
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