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H&R Topper Jr 20 gauge : Review

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by sm, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    With some history out the way...

    This is the Topper Junior being reviewed : 20 Gauge (SB1-258):

    American hardwood, black finish, full pistol grip, ventilated recoil pad.
    Fixed Modified Choke, 3" chambers, and...
    I have had one just like this one for a long time and countless folks have bought one because of Me.

    Short version of this Review is " damn thing works" . I admit I "may" be a bit biased, have fired who knows how many rounds through mine, and other like mine, that I am to blame for folks getting.

    Y'all want a Review of this gun. How about two of these at the same time? :p
    Give me a cutie with blond hair , blue eyes that has adopted me as "Adopted Uncle" her Mom that is Sweetheart , both whom expressed wanting one after they shot and used one - and one daddy /hubby in my presence in a gun dealers buddy's place...
    That wallet is gonna get thinned. :D

    Mom and daughter liked the nickel finish receiver. Black was okay, still a certain adopted uncle had mentioned, it could be refinished.

    Guns were ordered, I was called and I said I would bring them out. [I get a free home cooked meal out of this deal. I may be dumb, I ain't stupid]

    Now the deal is there is a really old one of these H&R Topper's in 20 ga in use on the Property. Sentimental reasons means it is going to be cleaned up and "brought inside" where it went from being displayed - to the safe. Sentimental value that strong.

    One gun is chosen - the mom's to just be rung out.
    Daughter's is going to be shot, then refinished in a more traditional wood stain.

    Both guns worked out of the box. Just take apart , cleaned, Ballistol for innards, RIG+P for hinge pin.
    These patterned target loads, #3 buckshot, and slugs - incredible as these always do.
    2 3/4" shells are all these folks are going to use. Both guns shoot so darn close to each other ( if not exact- if such a thing) , it is hard to tell them apart looking at the pattern board.

    There is something about the way a break-open action sounds when it expends a fired hull

    Daughters is taken down sanded, refinished in a nice stain, with satin finsish. Quick Detach sling swivel studs and lightweight nylon sling for those times toting to and fro.
    Both have the firearm Phillips screw "cut" to accept a flat head screw driver .

    Mom's get a little workout first...:scrutiny:
    We do a treat with Johnson's Paste Wax , RIG and RIG+P

    This was December of 2005

    Now this gun has its pet loads for tasks. That said name a 20 gauge loading , and it probably has fired it. This gun has never malfunctioned. It has been in all sorts of weather, temperatures. It has taken small game, shot clays, felled doves , felled ducks with Bismuth loads, felled one Spike Buck with a slug, been carried miles, left it the trunk of the car in freezing temps, blistering temps, and ...it works.

    Minimal care. If exposed to wet, due to rain, or snow, taken apart, wiped down, chamber cleaned, bore swabbed, RIG +P on hinge pin.

    Treating the metal and wood as we do - firearms hold up.

    So here it is December of 2006 - a year later.

    The mom's gun has been taken apart , the wood has had a few of the deeper dents raised using a damp wash cloth and iron. Lightly sanded, refinished like she wanted.

    Now both of these of these gun were ~ $100 each. Like the old one with sentimental value, these work, and who knows how many memories are yet to come.

    Family has other guns, they can shoot, but they have become spoiled with these guns.
    In fact out of habit they went to get mom's while it was being refinished ,and daughter's in safe and "It felt really odd for mom's gun to not be in its spot,
    and to take another shotgun to deal with a pest".

    Daddy finished with the pest, come back in and Mom & Daughter presented Daddy with his very own H&R Topper Jr 20 gauge - "a bit early".

    Boy is Mom & Daughter going to be tickled with what I got Daddy to get three of this year.
    Best not say until presented...and nobody blurt out what they think I "might" have done - this time. ;)
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