H&R Topper Jr. 28 ga.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by 257WbyMag, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. 257WbyMag

    257WbyMag Member

    Oct 11, 2008
    My first gun ever, an H&R Topper Jr. 28 gauge that was given to me on my 11th birthday, needs some work. No, I don't pull it out to hunt with anymore but I have kept it around for sentimental reasons. It still looks new.

    Here's the problem, then firing pin won't strike the primer when fired. Strange as it seems, when I open the action, cock the hammer, and thumb the hammer down by pulling the trigger, you can see the tip of the firing pin appear in the firing pin hole in on the breech face. However, time after time, when I chamber a live shell and attempt to fire, it never detonates and the primer never has a dent in it. Something isn't linking up.

    I sent it to H&R about a year ago with a letter explaining the problem and that I would be happy to pay for whatever needed to be fixed. They sent the gun back to me with a letter explaining that they wouldn't fix the gun because it was made in 1981 when the company was under different ownership. I thought that was silly. H&R is H&R if you asked me. It's not like I expected free service.

    Does anybody know where I should start with this one. This ain't a million dollar gun. It might be worth $80. But it is a gun from my childhood, I love it, and I want it fixed for my daughter when she is old enough to shoot it.

    Thanks all!
  2. m.p.driver

    m.p.driver Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    cincinnati oh
    A brother in law had one in .20 gauge with the hammer broken,i e-mailed numrick arms and got a replacement and it worked great.
  3. wild willy

    wild willy Member

    Aug 19, 2008
    Most likely you have a broken firing pin Numrich shows them on their site get a spring too. Just drive the top pin out to replace
  4. Big Az Al

    Big Az Al Member

    May 13, 2007
    SO AZ
    How about a broken striker

    for all H & R actions after SN AR200001 (Series & On)

    What most people call a transfer bar, H&R calls a striker.

    When you cock the hammer back you should see a piecce between the the firing pin and the hammer, if you don't the striker is broken!

    the following is copied from the Numrich website,

    H&R Single Barrel Shotgun Striker & Lifter Assembly.

    Factory original. Fits the Topper series of break-open single barrel shotguns and combination guns including models 48, 58, 148, 156, 157, 158, 159, 162, 163, 176, 198, 258, 480, 480A, 490, 580, SB1 & Pardner.

    Item No. 280500A
    Retail Price: $14.95 Add to Basket:

    Item No. 280500B
    Retail Price: $14.95 Add to Basket:

    When replacing this piece and reinstalling the the trigger trigger gaurd etc. an assembly pin comes in handy!
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