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Unfortunately it does not letter as leaving the factory w a brass frame.
The brass frame is Ruger though.
Well used, its not good enough for a Turnbull restoration.
Couldn't pass up on this 2002 6 1/2" .357 Blackhawk from my local Cabela's for $599, the 9mm cylinder looks like it hasn't even been used!

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Good old Ms. Katz approaching the third year anniversary of her death in the jaws of a coyote.
sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat. my wife is ill and i did one of the best things i've ever done when i got us two kittens, back in May. watching and interacting with those two rowdy little critters has cheered her up and helped her get her mind off negative things. we've always been cat people, i guess.

and gorgeous guns!
Took possession of my first S&W revolver this afternoon, it's used but it will be used a helluva lot more now...


Some things just can't wait... took it out to the range this afternoon and it prefers bulk Federal over the Federal Champion; just need to move the rear sight to the left a click or two :cool:

Gave these two a work out today, they're a hoot!

Started out at 20 yards and found out that the .22 fodder shoots about 3" high but the .22 mag in the SS shoots point on 😍

Then moved back to 45 yards to eradicate some clay pigeons on the berm... ;)

Thanks for the kind remarks/emoji on dad's old rig.
I'll be sending it to Bowen to chop it down to 6" after Xmas.
Might have to run .44 specials w my bad wrist LOL....but gonna blast the heck out of it one way or the other :)