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Happy 4th & To Hell with Politicians

Discussion in 'Legal' started by amprecon, Jul 5, 2004.

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  1. amprecon

    amprecon Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    The Discovery Channel was showing a Special, “Wake Island: The Alamo of the Pacific“. As I watched and learned of what took place there in December 1941 another piece of a puzzle was put into place. This puzzle has been revealing its form for awhile, this documentary has yet again verified the picture that I am beginning to see and recognize.

    Heavily armed, highly motivated and healthy U.S. Troops were ordered to surrender themselves to the Empire of Japan in 1941, on the Islands of the Philippines, Guam and Wake. From the voices of those that were there, I heard over and over again that they would’ve rather died fighting than be taken prisoner. They had heard legitimate stories of the atrocities their enemy inflicted upon their captives.

    Americans of the time were born and bred winners, they were groomed to be hero’s without self-proclamation. They were taught to get the job finished no matter the cost, the pain, the injury or the loss, they prided themselves on being hard yet compassionate men. Their home had been struck severely by a deceitful, ruthless, heathen, idol worshipping, sub-human people. They were not as angry about the attack as they were of who committed the attack. They did not believe the underlings contained sufficient genitalia to strike the home of men which were molded and honed by fire and steel in the belly of an industrial behemoth. The Japs were considered to have exceeded their limits of sanity by striking us and it was our duty and pleasure to take it to them.

    It was an adventure, kind of like the Crusades, to gain some relief from the daily doldrums of working at a sweat shop, factory or trying to get a job anywhere to do anything to feed the family. The military made it possible for many men to feed their families better. It also allowed them to see the world and to do their country and the world a favor and rid it of the pathetic scourge that the Japanese represented. To be stationed at Guam, Wake or the Philippines with plenty of ammunition and arms and to have taken it to the Japs harshly, then to be told to give up their arms and surrender was incomprehensible to these men. It went against every good thing they believed, to them it was like being ordered to become homosexual. Americans have always believed that persistence no matter the obstacles will pay off; most of the time. The enemy is respectful of tenacity and watchful of aggression, especially from a lesser numbered adversary.

    These men were to suffer horrendously because of the decision to surrender by their leaders, their politicians…..their real enemies. A man has only his own life, he should decide alone, how and by what terms he should go. And, if he has accepted his terms of death, and lived to triumph, he will have realized that God alone has pardoned him and that he will live life more graciously.

    For other men to cheat him of his decision to die fighting and order him to disarm and live subjugate to others’ rule is inhumane and criminal. As he lives a living hell as these men did, he most certainly realizes that he would have rather died with dignity, as a free man fighting for righteousness as he believed it, straight to the end. He will have died at peace and not lived in torture and turmoil, a ruined man.

    To live is not always the better way. Compromise is defeat, defeat is loss of liberty, loss of liberty is loss of freedom, loss of freedom is slavery, then we wish for death.

    Roosevelt reigned in General Patton who wanted to invade Russia after the fall of Berlin, results? 40+ years of Cold War, cataclysmically close to all out nuclear war with the USSR, not to mention our tensions with China, North Korea and our most crowning achievement, our humiliating loss to a third world nation, aka, Viet Nam. Thank you Mr. President, without your foresight and endowment of brilliant decision-making skills, hundreds of thousands of Americans and an unknown amount of capital and resources might have been saved from North Korea, Viet Nam and other Communist hot-spots around the globe, we might have just had one hell of a boring century if not for his decision to cop out at a more critical time than the threat of nazism at the pinnacle of their potential.

    President Truman’s pride was more important than supporting General MacArthur who saw an opportunistic and advantageous time to quell the Chinese communist threat in North Korea. Lyndon B. Johnson’s and Richard Nixon’s indecisiveness on how to conduct war against guerillas and then micro-managing the military cost an overwhelming amount of loss.

    We the people of the United States of America are empowered with the power of this country. It is an awesome power and an awesome responsibility, not even absolute rulers of entire nations and regions possess our magnitude of power, yet we refuse to take it seriously. We are occupied with our lives and managing this power requires work which doesn’t yield instantaneous results which is unacceptable to most of us. But, by our vote we entrust those seeking to provide the appropriate skills to manage this power on our behalf, we don’t even have to burden ourselves with this power directly, we elect someone to do it for us and we can’t even do that. We let fanatical groups with anti-American agendas and sentiments rule the ballots and in essence rule us. By refusing to vote, we relinquish our power, our heritage, our tradition, our beliefs in a higher power and our belief in ourselves. We are aiding in our very own demise by refusing to vote and that is unacceptable. There are those Patriotic Americans which do vote, which do want the control and power but are outnumbered because their lazy neighbors won’t support them. These people will eventually become cornered and will have no alternative but to try to take back what was lost by force. May God forgive us all if we must resort to this.
  2. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Nevada, escaped from the PDRK via Idaho.
    At the time NATO was struggling to come into its own. The major threat was still thought to be Stalin's armies on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Truman did not want to expand the war in Korea. MacArthur's suggestion to use nuclear weapons in Manchuria threatened to expand the Korean War and greatly alarmed our European allies who were not yet ready for another war in Europe against the Soviet Union.

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