Have you ever walked in to a gun store and bought a gun immediately - Love at First Sight?

Back before the Brady Law took effect I was looking for a .44 Magnum revolver. I can across a Ruger Redhawk .41 Magnum with a 7 1/2" bbl in an Oshman's that had a scratch on it. I was able to get them to take $ 70 off the price and walked out with the revolver. After that I didn't feel the need to get a .44 Mag..

As a bonus it aleady had Pachmar grips on it and I touched up the scratch. I still have that revolver.
Old Dog: CETME L (.223) It was in a local shop. Can be ordered with or w/o a rail from the factory in Indiana. Use AR mags.
Roller-delayed blowback:eek:, as with their "cousins", the HK/ & PTR (HK clone) rifles.

This was a totally Unfamiliar gun, which a few months ago appeared in my favorite gun shop! These are re-manufactured by Marcolmar -- much better than the original Spanish rifles.
As long as you let them loosen up/ 'break-in' a couple hundred rounds, they are known as very reliable guns.

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Never have (yet). My MO is to first have a defined purpose for a particular firearm, then decide which platform/model fills the purpose, then research any reviews I can get my hands on, and then shop around for the best deal. Boring, I know, but it's just how my brain is wired.

This is me, almost to a tee. Of course, what I'm really doing is settling my cognitive dissonance, because beyond my EDC pistol, rifle for large game hunting, shotgun for bird hunting and a .22 rifle for plinking, all of my manufactured "defined purposes" to settle my cognitive dissonance are really fairly weak arguments :scrutiny:. I also look for "value" in what I buy, which again helps to settle my cognitive dissonance; I won't actually be losing (much) money if I decide to sell. Of course, I rarely sell what I've bought. I don't have any regrets for the guns I've bought. (OK that last sentence might be a small fib; maybe I want a do-over on the AR-10 that I bought. ;)) I have more regrets about the guns I didn't buy, but other priorities dictate sometimes.

Short answer: No, I have not bought a gun immediately. Always researched and shopped around.
Probably 11 years ago when I decided to get a CCW permit. I had read a lot and the Springfield XDS was new, had many good reviews and was unobtainable. I stopped at a gun store about 30 miles away on the way back home from somewhere else. The gentleman behind the counter asked what I wanted. I said a .45 ACP for about $200. After a laugh I said what I really wanted was a .45 ACP XDS but no one had any. He turned around and laid 2 on the counter. I left with one of them.

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When we moved to Wisconsin from Illinois a couple of years ago I got such a kick out of being able to buy a gun and walk out of the store with it immediately I stopped at a LGS just to see what they had and walked out with a CZ TS2.
Welcome to God's Country, Friend. See Gun, Buy Gun. Great huh? Of course you are free to pass out when you get the credit card bills for that gun you saw and just had to have. I am terrible about this. Impulse buy's on a Browning 1911/22. Taurus G3, CZ PO1 Omega. Ruger PCC, and yes. a CZ TS2. Blessing or a curse? MY Wife doesn't care at all.
In 2012 I walked into a gun store in Elk Grove, CA and saw this S&W 327 Night Guard. I remember saying “I’ll take it…how much is it?” It was $925
I usually research guns I want to buy and I have an “I need one of these” list, but that 327 was an impulse buy. It’s my favorite handgun.
Usually...yes. I have certain guns I can't walk past, just can't. If the price is something I can swing and it's something I've been looking for I'll put the $ down and figure out how to pay the remainder . Just did it with a rossi r92 a couple weeks ago, I had looked for that rifle for 5 years and I did actually walk away but called the next morning to ask them to set it aside. I had to sell a revolver to get it but I'm super happy about the purchase.

I run on pure instinct most of my life. It's steered me right mostly .