Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

2 Ar10 P Mags
A box of WWB 7.62x51, don't own an Ar10 yet but already buying for it.
2 bricks of Federal 100nrd 12ga target loads
2 boxes of Red Army 7.62x39
2 boxes of Red Army 7.62x54r
2 boxes of Armscor .45acp
2 boxes of Armscor .22mag
1 HK Vp9 magazine
1 box of Cci 9mm
Only ammo. But, I gotta tell you I been looking at a 1911 at the gun shop. If I can only find a way to tell my wife I'm gonna buy another gun. The last 3 I promised would be the last.
I made the mistake of buying a 300+ round box of Federal .22lr ammo for $35 at my local Scheels , then happened to run into Wally world and found then at $22 a box. Never again will I buy common ammo there.
I bought some range time today for my S&W Shield9. Fired 200 rounds of 9mm 115 gr ball. No issues. 750 rounds to date. I think its time to qualify with it, and add to my CCW. Monday for that.
A M1carbine sling,oiler and 36 garand clips, a funnel to put powder back in jugs (been using rolled up sheet of paper for 40 yrs.) And pack of 10 red dot batteries.