Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

Everything I've ever seen puts out a big cloud of smoke. Don't know if some are less smokey than others. Guys I know that hunt with that stuff sometimes talk about not seeing the deer's reaction right away after the shot, ( unless there's a good breeze).
I've really been on a roll:
I won a gunbroker auction for a mod 10 s&w 4" revolver.
I won a .22rifle at a customer appreciation day! It was the big door prize.
I went to LGS to sign papers for the model 10 and bought a pound of bullseye powder and some spp. He also had a 8lb jug of bullseye FYI.
I'm going to a different gunshop tomorrow to sign papers on the new 22 rifle. I wonder what I'll find there?
I can't figure out why there were no other bidders for a Very-discounted FAL built & assembled with the same licensed Belgian FN tooling used on their select-fire rifles, in the Imbel plant in Brazil, contracted for Springfield imports:).
Has both Imbel & SA names/logos on receiver.

Bid closed tonight. Ad on Gunbroker reportedly (watched by FALfiles guys) had been up for weeks, and had been discounted at least three times.
The low demand must be Biden-Flation + A) high .308 ammo prices, and also because B) Many owners on FALfiles actually build their personal rifles....and C) DSA now sells various FALs for about $1,800 (new DSAs now are Much better guns than during the five years ago). DSA even sells Israeli clones.

DSA reps admitted having had “Staff ‘ Issues’ “ about five years ago……:(;) Again- that was solved and they Also began producing Fewer rifles.—

This is “NOS", "unfired (possibly)", "all-matching" with serial # and photos to prove it. The SAR-4800 (forged receiver) was the post-ban name for the pre-ban SAR-48.

Check Gunbroker Advanced, then Completed Items (enter SAR-4800: item 965254074). No other bidders mostly due to high ammo prices? This was well under '3'. Makes no sense.:confused:

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I attended a gun show today. Several people had different things I needed, desperately. As I had money, i bought them.

In order, three boxes of Tula 7.62x39mm Ammunition. With heavy - 154 grain - soft point bullets. I hate the thought of going out in the cold, but I am set to hunt a deer.
A Duetsche Werk product of Heinrich Ortgies' design in that most manly of calibers, 6.35mm Browning.
A third good soul had and sold me a Manurhin licensed copy of a Walther PP (in 7.65mm, of course).

My good friend with me thought I was near to overdose and took me out of the show.
1k Acme coated 9mm bullets ordered. For some reason the 124gr NLG 9mm are no longer available. I ordered the 125gr NLG and they only come in a dark green HiTek coating. I guess dark green is more tactical?

I was Relieved to read that your personal, “cult deprogrammer” saved you from the gun show!

That Manurhin PP (-French-, but proofed in W. Germany) must be pretty rare these days.
(2) three slot half inch pic riser mounts. And a set of "look at me sights" (middle finger front sight and the ok gesture for the rear)for the wife's ar12 style shotgun. She thought they're funny and I figure what the heck if it gets her more into the world of firearms.