Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

Sold a couple guns and went on a shopping spree yesterday. Got a POF Revolution DI in 6mm Creedmoor on the way. Also in route are a 224 Valkyrie barrel, a 16” 300 BLK barrel, a Leupold VX-5HD and some other odds and ends to finish out a couple builds. Good week for sure.
Picked up a couple more 22 rifles I had won on auction and were waiting for me at the sellers gunshop in the big city. I rarely go there unless I have a medical appointment to take care of.
One is a Glenfield/Marlin 70 that came from the Bobby Unser estate. I have a couple of 60s so it will mesh nicely.
The other is a Montgomery Wards "Westernfield" (Mossberg 380) in like new condition.
Also a couple boxes of .30 carbine and a box of 270WSM at fair prices in this crazy market. DCP_4938.JPG DCP_4940.JPG
I just made a few online orders. 1000 pieces each of 30 Carbine Brass, 41 Magnum Brass and 45 Auto Rim Brass from Starline. 1000 bullets each 9mm JHP, .357 FMJ flat nose and 110 grain FMJ carbine bullets from RMR. And a Hoyt Varmint Rifle soft case and a set of Nightforce scope lense covers from Midway. Trying to get stocked back up, ya know!
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