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having a gun would have been nice, too.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by KP95DAO, May 9, 2003.

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  1. KP95DAO

    KP95DAO member

    Dec 27, 2002
    Central Oklahoma
    Her having "hand to hand" skills was a good thing; but, having a gun would have been nice, too.


    Bleeding woman gives hijackers the chop

    May 07 2003 at 10:14AM

    By Genevieve Serra

    A slight Plattekloof woman who did karate for many years as a child used her fighting skills and loud screams to chase away two hijackers who had pistol-whipped her.

    Corrina Ouwehand, 29, considers herself lucky after she fought off two hijackers in her driveway at the long weekend.

    Ouwehand, who works as an executive assistant for a private investment company at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, said on Wednesday that she was returning home about 10.30pm on Thursday after a night out.

    Ouwehand parked her car in the driveway and walked to her front door when she saw a well-dressed man jogging in the street. Seconds later he was in front of her.

    A second man appeared behind Ouwehand, and the first man hit her with the barrel of a gun on her forehead.

    "Everything happened so fast. The first guy said that I must give him my car keys.

    "I said I won't give him my ????ing keys," said Ouwehand, still a bit shaken after she had her stitches removed at Panorama-Medi Clinic on Wednesday.

    Numbed with the pain of the blow, Ouwehand received a second heavy blow with a gun by the second attacker who stood behind her.

    Fortunately the gun hit a hairclip which absorbed most of the impact

    "I leaned forward and I think it was then that I used my karate skills.

    "I tore my nail on my middle finger of my left hand while fighting them off. I started to shout for my mom and brother. I also screamed for help," said Ouwehand.

    Moments later her two attackers made their way to a white car parked in the street.

    Ouwehand ran to her doorway, not realising that she was bleeding profusely from her forehead and right cheek. "As I glanced over my shoulder, I saw the getaway car with a third person in it."

    She managed to unlock her front door and to press an emergency button.

    Minutes later two security company teams, Parow police and a medical rescue team responded to her call and were at her home.

    Ouwehand was taken to the Panorama Medi-Clinic where she received stitches to the front and back of her head. She also had a cut on her right cheek.

    Security company general manager Hans de Leeuw said that Ouwehand was one of the lucky ones to escape a hijacking, possibly because she had known how to defend herself.

    "She managed to remain focused despite two blows to her head," said De Leeuw.

    He said that there had been a few robberies and attempted hijackings in Plattekloof recently.

    "People should carry their remote panic buttons on their key rings. Perhaps in Ouwehand's case, we could have caught her attackers (if she had had a key ring panic button)," said De Leeuw.
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