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High Noon Holsters: CZ RAMI 9mm

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by CZF, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. CZF

    CZF Member

    Jan 6, 2003

    After a favorable two weeks in May of testing a High Noon paddle holster for my then new Ruger SP101.


    I loved how quick the HN paddle holster was to take on and off, and how very
    comfortable it was to wear all day long.

    From day one of the testing..the thought of a similiar holster for summer carry of my RAMI came to mind.

    Sadly, I liked the test Holster far more than the test revolver, with the holster finding a new home
    and the Ruger .357 still residing in my safe.


    My requested order arrived a number of days ago after only a short waiting period.
    I'm always excited to see that brown box with the High Noon logo, but even more so
    knowing that it would be a CZ holster and matching single mag pouch in horsehide.
    Having used a few HN holsters in the past that were horsehide. I find that the material is notably more expensive than leather, but far superior.

    My HN Slide Guard is now over a year old and still going strong for a cowhide holster, but not as light and thin as one in horsey would be.

    I also like the fact that horsehide seems to require no break in period. leather will squeak for a
    few days or a week. While you can holster up from the box and the horsey holster settles right in.


    There is a complete FAQ section on the High Noon website that compares both materials, so you
    can be the judge.

    The HN Speedy Spanky paddle for the 2075 RAMI is one nice looking and highly functional holster.

    A medium tan coloring with the trademark or should I say exclusive golden thread that you will find
    on most tan or natural holsters from High Noon.

    Positive stitching througout the holster with deep hand molding of the material, for a strong and tight fitting holster, but not too tight that impedes your draw. Everything works just right with this holster!

    The paddle is adjustable for both height and rake, but I like to keep mine at the factory setting.

    There is also tension screw on the holster that allows you to set your retention level if needed.

    As stated before, I like the idea that you generally don't need a break-in period for Horsehide.

    Unlike with some cowhide holsters. The HN this holster doesn't squeak for 3 or 4 days when you walk around.

    Also, there is also no need for a metal band at the holster mouth to reinforce it. The draw is quick, smooth,
    and positive, as is one hand reholstering.

    One feature of the High Noon Speedy Spanky that I really like is the sewn in sight track or sometimes
    called by makers- a sight channel.
    Having commented on this during my Ruger holster review. I can't help but imparting some info
    that might help future holster buyers.

    Myself, having to sell two expensive holsters due to the fact that after installing taller sights,
    the front sight would drag inside the holster.

    Should my holsters have had something like this sight channel- I'd have been much happier.

    Well, NO problems to date with my RAMI and standard sights and this excellent holster.

    The single magazine pouch in Horsehide is called the Tie Breaker. Like those in cowhide. I think this is a great accessory
    to have when using a RAMI. For carry of a 1911 or other single stack. I'd go with the double mag carrier called the Double

    Like the holster. The pouch is a high quality item that will give years of service.

    Now, after a couple weeks of carrying this HIGH NOON holster and mag pouch in restaurants and even Wal-Mart.
    I can say that it is my Dream Holster for my RAMI.

    A High Noon paddle or other HN product might turn out to be yours, too!

    Visit their website ( High Noon Holsters) or my CZ-ZONE (cz-zone.com) for more information.

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