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High Noon Holsters: Ruger SP101

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by CZF, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. CZF

    CZF Member

    Jan 6, 2003

    Due to the recent gun press coverage of the 327 Federal Magnum that seems to adorn every gun magazine,
    and the general re-surge in revolver interest.

    I thought that I'd review some of the products that would go well with a new Ruger SP101 in .357 Magnum.

    So, the most common question.

    Are You Looking For A Holster??

    The need for a decent holster is answered by Uncle Mike's and other companies that provide
    economical holster for your gun(s). These are usually made in codura nylon and feature some sort
    of retaining strap. Usually found in Gun shops or outdoor stores, but also on Ebay.

    Moving up the ladder: You can buy SP101 or other snub-nose holster from Bianchi, or other places
    like Don Hume. Available with or without thum breaks or retaining straps but usually made out of leather.
    Choices of pancake style, yaqui slide..or speed scabbards will vary. These holsters are usually
    found in Gunshops, or can be ordered online without delay- other than shipping time.

    Then you can look towards mainstream sources that are not mass produced, but without the typical
    wait of 4 to 14 months for custom leather. Companies like Simply Rugged and High Noon Holsters..
    seem to be popular for the SP-101. I've never seen these holsters in shops, but you can order them
    online, or find them used among the classifieds in various gun related discussion boards- such
    as Ruger Forum.com and The High Road.org or others.

    The holster that was sent to me for Review is the High Noon Holster-Speedy Spanky paddle design, expressly crafted for the 2.5 inch Ruger SP-101 in natural horsehide.

    Arriving almost a week ago. I wanted to wear the holster for more than a few days and then submit my observations:

    Firstly, the paddle is well constructed and among the most comfortable of any paddle devices that I've ever encountered.

    A Rock-Solid hold in your waistband- as you go about your daily duties, but with total comfort.

    No gouging or otherwise-
    painful issues with this excellent paddle. Easy on and off-once you get the hang of it. Like I said before. Very comfy.

    I'll add that some people fear a paddle holster because they think that the paddle will set the holster to far out and compromise concealment. Something kind of difficult to explain, but still a well grounded fear.

    I didn't find this to be the case.The HIGH NOON Speedy Spanky wasn't much of a problem to conceal under any jacket, and I feel that the holster wasn't projected on my strong side, to any greater degree, than my High Noon Slide Guard for my RAMI.

    Constructed of premium horsehide. The holster was a joy to work with and carry. Easy draw and re-holster, without the need
    for a metal band at the top.


    In my experience. While 'Horsey' is more expensive than comparable cowhide, It offers more advantages.

    Unlike a cowhide holster. Horsehide requires no time period for breaking in! You can wear it from day one..
    without the creaking and other noises that emit from a new cowhide holster. Lighter and often thinner than leather.
    Horsehide is also Very durable. Won't stretch or be come soft with age. It is in the opinion of many a shooter. A superior material.

    This holster was hand boned by the craftsmen at HN, and conforms to my gun very nicely. As stated before. The holster
    delivers a very quick draw, with good retention. There is even an adjustable tension screw if needed.

    The Speedy Spanky has the usual HIGH NOON attention to detail..and features of elegant stitching with what some would describe as golden thread. This appears to be unique to High Noon Holsters, but you can see and feel the quality in every H.N. product you see (and hopefully handle) that features this thread.


    Looking at the rear of the holster. The paddle is securely mounted with two large hex head screws. The user can adjust the paddle for height by these screws. Something that I didn't have the call for, but still an interesting feature.

    The view from the top to bottom on the inside: There is a plastic sight channel sewn into the holster. This seems to further reinforce an already sturdy holster. Again, there should be no issues with the holster closing on you before re-holster.


    Like other product that I've owned and reviewed in the past. I think the Speedy Spanky for the SP101 is well thought out and
    perfectly executed. The material is fantastic.The platform is rock-solid, the ease of draw is amazing.


    I like this HN paddle so much. That I will be saving my pennies to replace my current High Noon RAMI holster.
    Of course, I'll order it in horsehide. Same for the single magazine pouch!


    Should you desire such a holster for your handgun, whether it be a pistol or revolver.. High Noon can accommodate you.


    What Ammo For My New Revolver Or Auto Pistol?

    My quest for a suitable load for the new SP-101 depended on my personal requirements
    Mine are two-fold:

    A: Home Defense: A load that has little penetration, but reasonable stopping power.

    B: Rural Area Defense. A load for Hiking, camping, Fishing or general outdoor use.
    Penetration and stopping power are the criteria.

    The GLASER (blue tip ) 38 special + P load is what I selected for Home Defense.
    I didn't/don't want an errant round to plow through my house and bounce down the street.
    While the Glaser- Might have limited penetration on heavily clad people.
    I'll take that chance and opt for the Glaser's low penetrative selling point.

    My intitial 15 yard test of the 38+P Glaser in the SP-101 were:

    Light recoil but LOUD. The Ruger also shot low with the load.

    No real muzzle blast to detect. Just soft shooting, but loud.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 905.jpg

    MIke McNett's awesome Double Tap line of ammo is my favorite fodder for defensive use.
    I've carried and shot it in 9mm, .45 ACP and 10mm.

    So, when it was time to look for a Rural Defense/Outdoor full house .357 Magnum loading.
    DT was the first place I checked out.

    I'm sold on the locally made SPEER Gold Dot bullet that they crank out 24/7 just a few miles away from me.
    Proven in both law enforcement and among CCW holders. The GOLD DOT JHP is the very best bullet design for
    my needs. 905.jpg

    Double Tap Ammo takes the Gold Dot to a higher level. Custom stamped STARLINE brass with most loads,
    combining special powders and the GD bullet, to achieve higher velocity and still maintain
    quality control at a reasonable price.

    My choice was the 158 gr. Gold Dot, rated @ 1,400 fps from a 4 inch barrel.
    A second choice would have been DT's superb 125 grain GD.

    I figured that the 158 would shoot more accurate in the fixed sight Ruger. Even with the velocity loss in the shorter barrel. The Double Tap 158 is still faster than a standard 158 and not far behind a 125 grain load from other manufacturers.

    Testing with the Double Tap .357 Magnum:

    More recoil than 125 grain Remington 38+P, but not much more than the 125 gr. Remington .357 .
    Was not harsh on my shooting hand. Very LOUD, but controllable for a full-house Magnum load.
    No noticable muzzle flash or tremendous blast was detected by myself or the camera.
    I just didn't get the recoil or muzzle blast that I expected out of this load and the short barreled

    The 158 DT also shot to point of aim. One of the many reasons that I selected it.



    Some sort of reloading device was also required. The HKS size 36-A Speedloader seemed to fit the bill, and
    work well in the SP-101.

    I think that the SP101 is a viable defensive arm. Combined with quality products as mentioned above.
    You can have a reliable concealment revolver that will give you years of service.

    Please check out my reviews of other High Noon Holsters and Double Tap Ammo at my CZ-ZONE:
  2. armoredman

    armoredman Member

    Nov 19, 2003
    proud to be in AZ
    Very nice, thank you!
  3. CZF

    CZF Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Thanks, you are too kind.

    When I get my Horsehide holster & pouch for the famous RAMI. Guess where my High Noon SlideGuard and cowhide mag pouch are going??
    Yes, down Mexico way, but stopping in AZ:)
  4. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker Member

    Nov 8, 2006
    Kentucky Backwoods
    Well-done CZF. I appreciate your well-written observations. If you had just s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d that SP101 barrel to 3.06" (MY favorite) it would've been...perfect!
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