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Hk 770

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by marktx, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. marktx

    marktx Member

    Dec 12, 2007
    Looked at an HK 770 (.308, hunting style rifle) for sale at a local shop. It seems to be in decent shape and has a good Leupold scope on it. They are asking $1500 if I remember correctly which is a pretty good price compared to the military style HK91 but I really don't know what the going rate might be for these things. I see one on Gunbroker for $1k but it has no scope and might not be in as good a shape.

    Anybody have a 770 or the .223 or 30-06 versions? I would be interested to hear any opinions and experience with these rifles.
  2. greg531mi

    greg531mi Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Leupold scope, if it is a cheapie, worth $150, better ones, more....
    Scope mount, if it has a quick release lever on it, it's a real HK Mount, they go for at least $300
    If the rifle is in Great shape, offer the dealer $1200, that would be a good deal.
    The HK sporting rifle family has in the last 5 years, discovered as an accurate, reliable, and has less recoil than most gas operated rifles.
    I have a SL-7 and a 630....and will not trade them for anything...
    CDNN had 10 round mags for the 770/SL-7, but I think they sold out of them... If not, get a couple of them....or shop at your local gun show or store for them....
    They do have fluting in their chamber, but are reloadable, just not as pretty anymore for once fired, if you reload them, use a small base die set, and a full power load, and with their polygonal rifling, do not use lead bullets....

    Other than that, you can win a lot bets, when your friends think their bolt action is more accurate than your self loader!
  3. Arc-Lite

    Arc-Lite Member

    Dec 2, 2004
    I have one of the first HK 770...no porting, with claw scope mounts, and the extra mags... one of the finest weapons made.... with open sight I was hitting 2" rings for 100 to 150 yds.... (yes I know, hard to see, but I knew where they were) remember what you saw yesterday....might be gone today....grab it....and you will have scored BIG !!!
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