Hodgdon Titegroup

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Dec 5, 2015
Savannah, GA
There are finally some gun powders showing up on the shelf in my area. I wanted a good, accurate "plinking" powder so I grabbed a pound of Titegroup today. I will be loading 9mm and .45 ACP. Anyone else had luck with Titegroup? I ve heard great thngs about Alliant Unique, but They didnt have any Unique. the only other fast burning powder I saw I was interested in trying was RedDot but I went with the Titegroup. So again, does anyone have any experience with it?
Yup - LOTS of experience.

I load at least 5 calibers with Titegroup.
9mm 125 gr LCRN over 3.8 gr
45acp 4.5gr/230gr LRN

It's very economical - low charge weights.
It's soft recoiling
It's clean
It's temperature & position insensitive (Titegroup doesn't mind cold weather - personally I do). :rolleyes:

The only negative is that it's economical - low charge weight.
It's VERY easy to have a dbl charge slip by.
Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way

Very sorry about your gun Hondo. Unfortunately mistakes happen. I haven't been reloading a very long time so I'm still very vigilant in my order of operations and with double and triple checking everything. I try to keep myself from getting "comfortable" when reloading if that makes sense? Try to stay on my toes.

Glad to hear good feedback on tite group. I've tried some slow burners, hs-6 and longshot, and they are ddiiiirrttty. Leave my guns and brass filthy. Hs-6 did give very desirable accuracy results though.
It's a love, hate relationship. I am on the "hate" list I have no use for it.

I suspect it is fine in the 45 ACP but is to fast for higher pressure 9mm (yes I know lots of folks use it)

Just be sure that you weigh you powder charges exactly. There is not much "wiggle room" from low to high charges. It is a dense fast burning powder. Pressure can build up rapidly.

You mentioned Unique, it is not even close to Titegroup as to burn rate. I would recommend that any day over TG even if it is not the greatest metering powder.
I still prefer HP38/W231 over that .

https://www.hodgdon.com/PDF/Burn Rates - 2015-2016.pdf
I know its not close in burn rate. Its sort of in the middle. I just know its always a recomendation when pistol powders come into subject, so I went ahead and mentioned they did not have any on the shelf.

Also have heard good things about 38, but cannot find it anywhere
I load thousands of rounds of 9mm and 45ACP with Titegroup each year.

As Hondo 60 already mentioned it is easy to double charge a case with Titegroup so be cautious.
It's temperature & position insensitive
It was touted as being position insensitive when it came out, and while it burns well regardless of position, as far as velocity differences go powder back vs powder forward, it's average. It also burns hot.

Another member of the "not a fan" group. Plenty of other powders that I prefer. :)
I use Titegroup for 9 mm and like how it performs. It also meters very consistent for me.
I use it for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. I really like this powder. Like the others have said, it is important to pay close attention to your charge weight, and to be careful not to throw a double charge. I won't use it for .38 special just because the case has enough room for a triple charge or more with TiteGroup.

I shoot a lot of IDPA on an indoor range with jacketed bullets. TiteGroup doesn't create too much smoke, and since it burns pretty clean I'm not fouling the air when there are 12-16 people shooting back-to-back during a practice night. The folks with smokey powder (or burning lube) hear about it from the others.
It was touted as being position insensitive when it came out, and while it burns well regardless of position, as far as velocity differences go powder back vs powder forward, it's average. It also burns hot.

Another member of the "not a fan" group. Plenty of other powders that I prefer. :)

The powder forward/back thing has never affected me in my shooting, but the hot burning has. I've always been an AA#2 guy(at least for a long time) and my uncle was looking to repay me for some reloading stuff I have him so he said he would supply the ammo that day for out practice session. We are bullseye shooters so we are doing lots of times and rapid fire targets.

After two strings of rapid fire the cylinder on my m19 was almost too hot to want to handle. That was ten shots. It just caught me totally off guard. Neither of is have ever used tight group again.

I'll keep using my AA#2 as long as I can get it, and I'm pretty sure I have a steady supply.
i use it. it works fine. would of grabbed the red dot if it was me. but i have loaded with red dot long before titegroup and will go back to promo/red dot when i can find it again..
I use it for .380, 9mm, .40, .45acp. It works well for me with these applications. Small charge weights so be careful!
I've been using Titegroup in 38 Special wadcutter loads. It works.

I'm trying to reduce the number of powders in my inventory and Tigtegroup will be one of the casualties. I have other powders on hand that will also work well in the wadcutter application and I use in other applications.
i've been using it for years. been through about 18 lbs the past 2 years. i have 1 lb left, and HOPEFULLY i'm switching to something better when that last can is gone.

i can't complain though. it is hot, and i'm not shooting bullseye, so i can't speak to accuracy, but it's cheap and makes the gun go bang.
I think Titegroup is a great powder for 45ACP, especially at paper-punching, target use, where it burns cleaner than 231/HP38. I find it's not so great in my 9mm's, due the charge weights being so small, but that's a problem with my powder measure throwing those real small charges, and not really a powder issue.
I just can't see how using a powder in a high pressure load (9mm)and gives you maybe .3 grains of leeway from min to max can be a good thing, and then also be good in a low pressure round (45 or 38) also.?:confused:

No, I would not use Bullseye in 9mm either. Guess folks like it as they feel a sense of economy and use a few less grains of powder,
Titegroup is for me a versatile and economical powder that is not really the master of any caliber but works good enough for most handgun cartridges. I have even used it for mild (1250 fps or so w/ 125 gr bullet) training rounds for my .357. I use it because I reload practice rounds for a variety of handgun calibers and it plays nicely with my powder measures. You do have to watch the 9mm loads though for overcharging.

Unique is similarly useful for me except for metering along with Universal Clays but lately both have been harder to get for me than Titegroup.
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