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How did he get those guns?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by NIGHTWATCH, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Jan 1, 2003
    Ground Zero
    Now that the dust is starting to settle. The first question was how did he get those Guns? Im really upset about this.

    We now know that despite requests by a judge to have the subject student institutionalized because he posed a danger to himself and others . Numerous complaints by professors and students. And documented reports of harassment and stalking. The system failed due to efforts to protect the privacy rights of the killer. Let me repeat that. Rather than have this psychopath committed, which would have flagged the "Insta-check" background system, effectively preventing him from legally purchasing a weapon. The many red flags that were waving in the face of the system were ignored.

    The law must be now changed to require that in the face of such compelling evidence, someone like this individual must be involuntarily committed and not allowed to be treated with an out-patient status. The out-patient status allowed Cho to qualify for legal purchases of weapons. Because the mental health community did not want to violate his privacy rights by admitting Cho, which would have made his private information largely open to public scrutiny and accessible to government systems in place to prevent the most dangerous amongst us from getting weapons. That said, we all know that Cho, a determined psychopath, would have gotten his hands on weapons. Gun control is a myth. Preventing mass killings with a written law is a myth. In the end, if the terrorist have not already convinced you, absolute determination cannot be prevented. But we can prepare.

    Rights were denied. A massacre was allowed. VT students were denied permission in January of this year to enter campus grounds with their legally licensed concealed handguns. That means that numerous students who already had weapons locked in their cars off campus unable to "bear arms" for self- defense were murdered. And in the the final analysis, individual empowerment and responsibility for personal self-preservation, self-defense, will emerge on the national conscience. Because this is going to happen again. Whether we learn from this tragedy and the intended victims are able to defend their lives or be massacred is yet to be known. I pray for their ability to fight back.

    The University and the mental health community will ultimately held accountable on a number of fronts.

    #1- They (VT) denied/violated the right to bear arms. Instead of lining up to be executed by a madman, they could have interrupted this madman's death fantasy, saving lives. In other words, 2, 3..maybe 5 people killed? NOT OVER 30. They could have stopped him. The law must be updated to a history of IWA (Intoxicated while armed) stalking, psychotic behavior and the forced evaluation by law-enforcement by the mental health community to be transmitted to the background check system immediately. Preventing nuts like this from legally getting guns.

    #2- How did two hours pass before campus security shut down the university? This makes me so sick to my stomach that I cannot elaborate further on the scope of this level of negligence.

    #3- The privacy rights of demonstrated psychopaths should now be expendable. This does not mean that people who suffer depression should be thrown into a rubber room. We all suffer from depression from time to time. Some of us need certain medications to help. And more harm than good would result from such heavy action that people who want help who may own weapons will be fearful of seeking help and being be stripped of their rights (talk about pressure cookers). But the line is drawn when there is evidence of suicidal intentions or worse. Malignant and narcissistic expressions of rage and hostility towards others followed by a view of martyrdom can no longer be ignored. If he goes to the black market or south of the border to get weapons illegally, well. Your guess as to how to stop him other that putting him down with a bullet to the head is as good as mine.

    In a free society, which the world loathes with jealous envy, we all have the ability to become a monster with little or no warning. To abuse in the worst imaginable way our freedoms by harming others. The collective accountability of our society is to stop with lethal force such an individual. Its our responsibility ultimately, not the government. Not the police. Not security. Its ours.

    Just my 2.
  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Terlingua, TX; Thomasville,GA
    This is way too many subjects for one thread. One subject per thread, please. Further, do not start threads about such things as the two hour lag; that's already under discussion or has been discussed.

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