How Have You Helped The Gun Community Today

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by swagbrdr, May 1, 2020.

  1. swagbrdr

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    Dec 26, 2012
    Missoula, Mt

    I just thought of this. Perhaps there is another thread like this elsewhere. If so, mods please delete.

    I was hoping to get a thread started that detailed out what YOU have done to educate, motivate, teach, train, write to your representative government etc. about firearms and/or the 2nd amendment.

    My goal with this thread is two-fold:
    1. It gives you motivation to do one of the above listed.
    2. Other forum members can learn something, and apply it to their neighbors, local community, state, and/or fed representatives.

    I’ll start it off.
    1. I recently, educated one of my fellow co-workers/hunters about advanced scopes as he drew a coveted big game tag here in MT. (I know, this seems lame, but I was hoping for this as well as belching 2nd amendment to an anti gunner).
    2. I taught my wife how to run my Dillon 650.
    3. During the COVID mess, I have been getting nonstop emails from GOA. GOA gives you templates to send to your reps to STOP anti-gun legislation. I first read what GOA wants to send then I fill out there e-form and send it. I usually get emails or letters in the mail back from my reps. Depending on their cant, I like to see the response. If it’s a neg response, I know that a enough Responses will get them to move for votes.

    Make sense?

    I’m not a weapons instructor or LE fella. So, I can’t give those experiences. I’m hope those folks jump in and identify what they do for the good of our community.
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  2. hps1

    hps1 Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Great idea, swagbrdr. Suspect that there are many who would be willing to help in this effort but don't quite know where to start. I'm sure there are many out there approaching the problem in ways we have not thought of.

    I suspect that many of the new firearms owners motivated by Covid-19, and who have just been educated that many of the "facts" put out by the anti-gun groups are untrue* could use and would be appreciative of some tutoring in safe handling by those of us who are able to spare some time. Range time presents opportunity to clear up some of the "lies" spread by the anti's, such as * "Gunshow Loophole", "Anyone can order firearm on line", "Crime rate goes up w/more guns", etc. Be sure to get stats & facts to back up your claims.

    A really easy way to help others stay informed is by sharing news or motivational articles, such as
    https://www.thehighroad.org/index.p...n-annual-meeting-by-lt-col-allen-west.868129/ with others of like mind, or even those friends or family you think might be enlightened by the article.

    If you wish to carry it a step farther, attend a shooting competition or get certified as an NRA firearms instructor and offer classes. The vast numbers of new gun owners present a great opportunity to reach/educate, and even recruit newly enlightened souls.

    Here are a few suggestions as to areas which might be of interest to others in which I have dabbled over the years.

    1) Join and support pro-gun organizations such as NRA, FONRA, GOA, JPFO, TSRA, VGC to name a few.

    2) Lobbied state and federal elected officials in support or opposition of a multitude of proposed bills.

    3) Volunteered as NRA Recruiter at many gun shows. Other organizations are happy to have volunteers representing them at gun shows as well. One promoter always provided a free table just outside the entrance & offered free entry to his shows to anyone presenting a receipt for NRA membership at the door.

    4) Served on our county Friends of NRA committee for 20+ years raising money which is divided equally between federal and state FONRA to be used in training youngsters in firearms safety, build shooting ranges, promote hunting and shooting sports, etc.

    5) Taught many classes as a certified NRA instructor in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun.

    6) Ran the NRA approved high power rifle competition program for our gun club, conducting monthly competitions. Serving as DCM instructor, weapons custodian and conducting annual DCM clinics in conjunction w/our HP program.
    During this time, completed application for and received two FONRA grants to the gun club used to build a 600 yard rifle range and 50 yard small bore/pistol range.

    Sharing your firearms knowledge with others can be very rewarding and at the same time offer opportunities to counter the misinformation spread so freely by the anti's. Everyone has their own area of expertise, just be on the lookout for opportunities to share with others.

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  3. swagbrdr

    swagbrdr Member

    Dec 26, 2012
    Missoula, Mt
    Outstanding hps!
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