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How much?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Maxwell, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Maxwell

    Maxwell Member

    Jan 19, 2006
    Randomly bouncing my way along the internet, I tripped over this site:

    I dunno who made it or if anythings accurate on there, but it spurred an interesting question in my brain:

    How much is the 2nd amendment worth?
    In cash, that is.

    Politics is about money. He who gives the most, oddly, gets the most.
    The arguments dont matter. What counts is padding your politician with enough cash so he remembers to use them on your behalf.

    They say we're currently paying 3 to 4 mil. According to these stats Casinos and tobacco are paying 10 to 15 mil, several times what we do. They seem to be progressing well despite the fact alot of people dont like em.
    Insurance and oil look to get their way everywhere, but they put out over 40mil.

    That leaves me a bit dissapointed in the "powerful gun lobby" :uhoh:
    Seems we're kinda cheap.

    Since we are stuck on the level of pro/anti abortionists and all it buys is a "dont do anything for or against me" discount package. Thats just begging for a judge to come and nerf everything.

    So assuming money was no object and you could appropriatly filter this cash in (above the board and all that ;) ) what do you think it would cost to fully secure our 2nd amendment rights again?

    ...and dont give me none of the "it cant happen" crap. People made the laws, people can un-make them just as quickly.
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