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How often are you guys sending letters.

Discussion in 'Activism' started by m3mh0g, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. gdcpony

    gdcpony Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    Sherrodsville, OH
  2. 481

    481 Member

    Feb 22, 2009
    Thanks for that- have added this to my letter/reference library, too.
  3. Rimfaxe

    Rimfaxe Member

    Jan 11, 2012
    I've written at least 130, probably more since I didn't save a copy of each. Some are duplicates because I also write on behalf of my mother and father and grandfather (God rest his soul-LOL). Hey if the Dems can do it at the polling place, then I can do it in an email.

    I'm using mostly the NRAILA site- very easy. But don't limit yourself to your own representatives. I'm sure to thank those politicians that support us and also disparage those who do not.

    I've attended Gun Appreciation Day and financially supported every gun group with a generous contribution. I upgraded the NRA to life member status and I still give 'something' every time I'm asked-- even if its 10 or 20 bucks.

    I've also submitted my list of 11 things that the average person can to to support their 2nd Amendment Rights:

    Advice to listeners: Eleven things that you can do--

    1. Join pro-gun groups and support them with your time and generous contributions-- NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, CalGuns, Gun Owners of America etc.

    2. Use the NRAILA.org website to contact your legislators. It is very easy and efficient. You can contact many people at once and also print letters to mail if you like.

    3. Push your local newspapers and reporters at the city and county level to report on where your local politicians stand on the 2nd Amendment and gun control discussion. Find out where your chiefs of police and state police chiefs, elected judges and local mayors stand. Remember that all politics is LOCAL. This often gets left out of the national fight by the NRA and others. Get involved at the local level and push the local schools to get rid of the 'Gun Free' killing zones.

    4. Use social Media like Facebook to promote your views. If you're concerned about backlash from your 'friends' on Facebook, then you can create a separate account for posting to new media message boards, etc.

    5. Encourage friends and family to engage their legislators. I have several email accounts set up on my family's behalf and will write letters on their behalf if they would like.

    6. Take the fight to the enemy-- I've been promoting 2nd Amendment Rights on the Huffington Post and Politico and other media websites. This has greatly improved my ability to articulate a cogent argument and support it with facts. It is actually fun to disembowel the Progressive Liberal's hollow arguments for gun control. Note that it is important to be respectful, be unemotional and Fact-Based. IT DRIVES THEM CRAZY!!! Show resolve and solidarity. Do not disparage or gloat about any progress or victories. Stay focused on getting your point of view out with facts and appropriate historical references. Even if you don't convince the person you're posting to, there are still many people who read the boards. Be literate and do not give the the satisfaction of fitting into their NRA GUN NUT stereotype. It is a lot of fun an I have even developed somewhat of a fan base in the pasts two weeks.

    When you see good articles and arguments, cut and past them into a Word document so that you can use it later in a post on these sites. Develop a library of books, links, and references... Tom it would be great if you could host some space for this to give gun owners a place to find good debate material.

    7. Promote and actively attend any pro-gun demonstrations in your area. Participate- make signs. Bring a Bull Horn-- they sell them at Amazon for $15 to $30 dollars and make a hell of an impression-- http://www.amazon.com/Pyle-Pro-PMP3...UTF8&qid=1359291267&sr=8-1&keywords=bull+horn

    8. Donate a "gun" to your second amendment rights. Many listeners have multiple firearms. I would never ask them to get rid of one, but please take the price that they paid for just one of their guns and put that to work for their 2nd Amendment Rights. Its a small thing to ask.

    9. Voice your dissatisfaction with businesses that do not support gun rights- Dick's Sporting Goods, Groupon, Bank of America, Cheaper Than Dirt (for price gouging), Golden Corral, Eastern Outdoor Show, PayPal and Ebay. Be sure to mention the Eastern Outdoor Show that was successfully shut down because they banned the exhibition of legal rifles such as the AR15 in the show.

    10. Make your contribution to the fight a daily exercise-- like a New Year's Resolution-- get up an hour early or take part of your lunch hour to get your opinion out on the web. Do a little something every day.

    11. Identify and publicly target 'purple state' Democrat legislators that are at risk of losing their seat in 2014. There are lists like this available online. Don't be afraid to write elected officials outside your immediate district. Also don't be afraid to thank elected officials with money or support when they deliver the right message.
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