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How to make "evil" guns safer...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by effengee, Jun 1, 2004.

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  1. effengee

    effengee Member

    Apr 22, 2004
    In a house near Bennington, Vermont, USA, North Am
    I was thinking that if "cowboy action" can make a liberal smile and actually contemplate dressing up and firing a revolver, then wouldn't an "army action" event cause a few to think that my "assault rifle" wasn't such an evil weapon of "mass media" destruction?
    I like Oleg's website that shows an AK-47 with pink grips...
    This is the way that the uninformed need to see our weapons:
    Non-threatening pieces of sporting equipment.
    The best available means to protect my life and my family from predators.
    A tangible link to the history of the struggle between good and evil by owning the actual tool that liberated an oppressed people.
    An investment of actual monetary worth that has a set value and a fully guaranteed return when held for a significant period of time.

    My favorite ironic example is that my "politically incorrect, evil, no need for, war mongering, Banned from California yet still didn't stop a 44 minute criminal rampage AK-47 has seen less "assaults" than my unassuming war relic bolt action 1917 SMLE has most certainly been through.
    I love telling people that I own both!
    My most recent experience was with a former teacher of mine who knew me in high school as the kid who got picked on, got into lots of fights and generally hated the students and faculty. I hadn't seen her in about 8 years and during our conversation I stated that I own an AK-47 and personally don't think that banning any type of firearm is a good idea.
    She kinda scowled and said the thing I've come to expect from non-gunners and a few hunter/sport shooters:
    "I can understand a hunting rifle, or a pistol for self-defense but why do you need something like that?"
    Without missing a beat I answered:
    "Why do we need cars that go faster than 65 M.P.H.?"
    It's an automatic response, I can't help it.
    But she's smarter than the average B.E.A.R and/or millionth mom so I also said that the type of firearm doesn't make it any more or less dangerous, the person who uses it is the sole determining factor in how safe any given firearm will be. I told her that ever since I could pick up a stick and say bang that I vowed I would someday own a "real" army gun.
    I told her that the AK-47 design is very sturdy, relatively cheap to own compared to other military copied designs, and extremely easy to maintain it's operational status. It is also versatile and quite fun to shoot.
    My bolt-action SMLE has seen more assaults than my AK. My question to you is why should the second amendment be regulated to muskets and the National Guard when the first amendment protects rap artists on the internet? Granted you never taught history, but surely you know what happens when a government disarms it's citizens. Every busted dam starts with a trickle, and to condemn something merely for a biased opinion of it's material worth is the most horrid form of ignorance."
    I never really hated her when she was a teacher, but I had no real love of any form of authority in those days. Not much has changed :)
    After about 30 minutes of me explaining, I saw a look pass over her face and she smiled.
    "You know, James, I don't think I have ever heard you speak so eloquently or passionately about any subject. Are you a member of the N.R.A.?"
    I shook my head and said:
    "No, I'm a non-active member of the militia of the State of Vermont. However, should the need arise, you can count on me to bear arms in the defense of liberty and freedom throughout the Green Mountains."
    I guess that makes me a true patriot, because that's what she called me.
    I asked her if she wanted to go out shooting sometime.
    She said she would if I would talk to her students about guns.
    I told her about my son's teacher freaking out about him talking to a friend about field stripping the AK and how that wasn't appropriate for school.
    My old teacher nodded and then thought about it.
    "I'll have to ask the principal and the superintendant"
    I replied:
    "Welcome to Columbine"
    She said that my sarcastic wit is still razor sharp.
    I think I got an A+

  2. buy guns

    buy guns Member

    Apr 16, 2004
    good job! hopefully the school will let you talk to the kids.
  3. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Member

    Mar 27, 2003
    Okay City
    Now you'll just have to find a giant eagle suit... :D

    Good work. :)
  4. Third_Rail

    Third_Rail Member

    Jan 10, 2004
    You certainly have a way with words. Definately see if you can get into that school to talk to the kids.
  5. WarMachine

    WarMachine Member

    Mar 16, 2004
    This reminds me of my teacher, or former teacher since I'm out of school for the summer :evil:

    She had went on vacation the year before with her son, and went to a big firing range (I'm not sure of the location). Anyways, she knew that I had an interest in firearms when she heard a heated debate between me and another student about the pro and cons of the M9 and 1911.

    The next day she prings in some poloroids of her shooting an AK-47 (full-auto), Browning 1919, some M4s, and a Barrett M99. All of the ones aforementioned where owned by her son who has a very large collection. In todays world, due to the events an Columbine, I am sure that the school board would frown upon actions such as these; but what they don't know, won't hurt us :neener:
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