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How to Shoot a Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bobson, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Bobson

    Bobson Member

    Aug 9, 2011
    Snohomish County, Washington
    I doubt it, and no. I'm gonna read up on that USMC guide a few people mentioned, and watch those videos by gladcamper tonight.

    Regarding sling swivels, my Marlin 60 doesn't have any, or holes in the stock. I chose the wood stock model because tbe composite felt cheap. How can I drill the sling swivels without damaging or ruining the rifle?
  2. Cee Zee

    Cee Zee member

    Aug 23, 2012
    Uncle Mikes sells a kit to add the swivels to your 60. If you have a laminated stock though I'd think twice about it. It depends on exactly which laminated stock you have. Some were pretty flimsy and will crack if you drill a hole in the center of them. Most are pretty strong but the salt and pepper stock for example is pretty soft IMO. But it does come with a swivel and studs.

    It's best to countersink the inside of the stock so your nut on the inside will fit down inside the wood and won't contact the barrel. Contact with the barrel can cause accuracy issues. Marlin barrels always contact the stocks but they do it all the way up and down the stock. If you change that to where it only makes contact at the point the stud is installed you could have harmonics issues which means less accuracy unless you get super lucky. It could actually make your accuracy better but the odds are very high against that happening.

    You might look for that swivel kit on this web page.
  3. lefteyedom

    lefteyedom Member

    Mar 18, 2006
    Go youtube and search for markmanship. There some outstanding USMC marksmanship training videos that have been uploaded. The basic are the foundations of all shooting and as much as it pains this old USAF SP to admit it, no service does a better job of teaching marksmanship than Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.
    Here is a link to start you off, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITp2OM7Qzqs

    happy shooting
  4. henschman

    henschman Member

    Nov 13, 2010
    Oklahoma City
    Even if you can't make it to an Appleseed, there are some good vids on youtube from Appleseed instructors explaining lots of the fundamentals, as they are taught at weekend events. FYI the Appleseed curriculum is based largely on USMC basic rifle marksmanship, so you will see a lot of overlap if you look at any of their materials. You can buy Appleseed targets from the Appleseed store, which are good for gauging your progress. Get some Quick and Dirty AQT's and keep at it until you can shoot 210 or better.

    Lots of dry fire, WITH PROPER FUNDAMENTALS, is key to good marksmanship. Get your NPOA on a wall socket or something, and dry fire until your arms are numb from all of the positions. I know of no better way to improve your marksmanship.
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