hunting boar with knife *video*

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by yongxingfreesty, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Sparky

    Sparky Member

    Jun 30, 2003
    Sweet Home Alabama
    The VS (former Outdoor Life) channel recently aired an episode of the inimitable Tred Barta wading in and killing hogs with a knife. Haven't seen the UTube video, but Barta's plenty "macho" enough to give pause.
    Just a FWIW

  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Moderator In Memoriam

    Dec 22, 2002
    Terlingua, TX; Thomasville,GA
    "Lord of the Flies" is a novel.

    Some of this backing and forthing seems to come from talking past one another. Spend a bit more time to try for a better understanding of what's meant, rather than jumping to conclusions. This IS the Internet, with only typed words. Not everybody here is gifted at making himself clear on the first effort.

    Keep the personal stuff OUT of posts.

  3. torpid

    torpid Member

    Aug 12, 2004
    CA coast
    I'm all for minimizing suffering, and even "respecting" the animal, but...

    Most animals that die in nature eventually die from disease or are eaten alive.

    Wolves don't practice the humane kill and hyenas don't euthanise.
    It's not even built into their design.

    Cats don't have remorse after playing with their kill, and orcas have a grand old time playing kickball with seal pups.

    Yeah, I know we're the humans with ethics, empathy, and all that higher brain stuff, just sayin' that Nature herself ain't nice about ending life.

    We're the anomaly.

    In fact there are many cultures that don't consider animal's suffering at all (and do some really brutal things mundanely), and find our Westen "sentimentality" laughable.

    I'm just rambling... :eek:
  4. Horsesense

    Horsesense Member

    Apr 6, 2003
    Other than the music, I didn't see anything wrong with the video.

    Have you considered that the boys could have cut off the testicles for the sake of the meat?

    What are the laws regarding the length of a folding knife, where this took place? Yes, the blade could have been longer, but thats probably the result of an asinine law, more that the fault of the boys.

    Dose it offend you when Bill Dance kisses a fish?.... he is reveling in his conquest and, no doubt, the poor fish is freeking out. I'm guessing that Bill Dance kissing a fish is less offensive because the propaganda (Disney films) haven't focused on fish as much as land animals.
  5. Dale Taylor

    Dale Taylor Member

    Feb 7, 2004
    Some eat the testicles raw like calf testicles.
  6. Kaylee

    Kaylee Moderator

    Dec 19, 2002
    The Last Homely House
  7. mbt2001

    mbt2001 Member

    Dec 5, 2005

    Original post deleted because I think that Art made the crucial point.

  8. Troutman

    Troutman member

    Aug 24, 2006
    Gods' Country, Texas
    << Pesonally, I think I'll pass. The boar I've seen out there, I don't want to get that close to.>>

    I tip my cap and bow to you.
    I use my handgun for those close encounters. Though, nothing wrong with spear, knife use. I always say; one, who uses a knife, spear, would do well in a slaughterhouse.
    I say: an animal (I’m talking about those big boys) that has tusks, looks like a creature from a Steven King novel and look like it survived the ice age, Ah!!! I prefer not to get my hands dirty, until gutting it. And than, I would not want to do that a hundred times a day, either.
    No Joke. I’ve been around people that didn’t see water in a long, long time, smelled better. Talk about clearing out a subway car, during rush hour.
    Those things can get as close as 4 feet of ya’. If one can’t see em’, one can sure smell em’.
    In Texas, their considered a pest, you can (and hunters do) hunt them at night, at times you get better results, because, daytime in Texas, it gets hot.
    I was raised a city boy (some call city slickers) and country boy (some call red-necks, as one knows).
    First time hunting those things at night is an experience. It’s not like your hunting with surrounding city lights with neon signs. Its pitch dark. If you’re lucky, you have moonlight And, I don’t mean lucky, as being romance in the air, either.
    Yes, you have a flashlight(s). Some do use spears, with/without dogs, besides a knife.

    << kill the animal and get it over with but to film it like that>>.(snipped)


    <<but that's less a function of the way the hunt was conducted and more of a function of the fact that everything these days (including every private act known to mankind) is seen as fodder for The Video Generation.>>


    <<Our society's outlook on blood and gore seems to be that if it's at a distance, it's not so bad, but up close and personal? Uh-uh.>>

    Including, but not necessarily pertaining too.

    <<One reason that hunting has been governed by religion in Human History is to keep crap like this from happening. Life is sacred. That doesn't make hunting wrong,>>

    (My hand extended out to you) Welcome to the internet.
    As they say: we are a connected world. Anyone can now, see how, others live and go about hunting, among other things.
    One does not have to physically travel great distances (known as worldly) to see and experience (not directly) these hunting tactics and other peccadilloes’, as one makes judgment(s). This is anything, but new. Just as slaughter houses were and are used for production in animal (other than game animals).processing.
    There is a skill (sportsmanship) to hunting as, as a skill in slaughtering….see kosher (more religion, cultural)
    And…it’s not a thing, that a rabbi just comes in and blesses, said animal. There is a technique to it all, always was.


    <<I'm sure PETA has that clip on their site as well.>>

    Now, because of our new found technology, video and the internet. There are certain groups (people), example; PETA, that say; about certain industries (names withheld) including hunters, even cultures. Everyone is doing it all wrong, besides saying, it’s cruel, inhumane, and disrespectful and things have to change (maybe, there is truth to it). For me….more of a concern on what other foreign matter (of a different kind), that should not belong with it/in it after being processed. Then all the other poetic concerns.
    But….I say; since their experts on cultural affairs and killing animals, humanely, with dignity, respect, show how it should be done. Just don’t talk the talk. Walk the walk. Show those who have been doing it for centuries, years…… The way it should be done.
    Hey! Maybe they can change people? And cultures!
    I mean….before you kill (no matter what way) an animal. Should one, somewhat, talk to em’, like one talks (a farewell speech) to their pet dog/cat that has to be put down. …… Maybe….Give em’ some (their preferred) companionship and a complimentary bottle of Johnnie Walker, to go with it.
    It’s the way, I wanna’ go out of this world!

    <<Have you considered that the boys could have cut off the testicles for the sake of the meat?>>


    << Some eat the testicles raw like calf testicles.>>

    To some, would say, this is a joke. Or some, how appalling it is, even saying it...
    If one really understands cultures, they would understand how that culture looks at them, the same way on what they eat.
    Me, I’ll pass. Give it to Mikie, He’ll eat it.

    <<I'm guessing that Bill Dance kissing a fish is less offensive because the propaganda (Disney films) haven't focused on fish as much as land animals.>>


    <<In fact there are many cultures that don't consider animal's suffering at all (and do some really brutal things mundanely), and find our Westen "sentimentality" laughable.>>


    <<<<I'm sure PETA has that clip on their site as well.>>

    Bottom line, one has to come to terms with oneself on how this is being done.
    This is nothing new. Also, as populations increase, it will continue. Maybe, we should neuter humans? You think that would make PETA happy, as well, as their other objectives?
    Or like, on that commercial, instead of the cows saying eat more chicken, the chickens are saying eat more beef and on, and on, to next said animal?
    One has to decide, eat meat or go vegetarian.
    Speaking for myself, I have come to terms about it. No matter how it’s hunted or slaughtered.
    Me, I don’t like to get my hands dirty. Just shoot it (one shot, preferably) and go on.

    Now….I’m a hungry. I can go and eat those steaks that are cookin’. Talking about all this hunting and slaughtering.
    I ‘m feelin’ a little guilty now. Hoping before they met their fate, they went out with a bang, instead of slaughtering.
  9. silverlance

    silverlance Member

    Jul 11, 2005
    In my Foxhole
    I understand a lot of guys feel that the teenage machoism displayed in the video was over the top. Probably. Society and the gun community have embraced this very Native American idea of "thank you dead deer for letting me eat you" kind of thing. Not that it's bad - just very comforting. I'm killing you, animal, but I'm thanking you for it and apologizing for the bit of pain!" Somehow that llows us to feel like we are civilized killers.

    Well, death is not pretty. No matter how much Squanto might have apologized to his deer, that animal's dying thought must have been "GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE GOTTA GET UP RUN AWAY HURTING PRETTY BAD NOW RUN AWAY"

    What those boys did was not cruel. They simply were very impressed with themselves.

    IF you want to see pretty gruesome killing of helpless little animals, look no further than your neighborhood supermarket - in the seafood section.

    1. Live fish are kept in crowded tanks with no food
    2. When they are removed they are smacked repeatedly on the head to stun them so they won't move so much.
    3. Then they are scaled - the animal is still very much alive and is having its skin basically ripped off of it. Then its fins are hacked off.
    4. The animal is gutted, and its insides thrown out. It's still alive.
    5. The animal bleeds to death (central nervous system too simple to die just from shock) inside a bag. Either bleed to death, or suffocate.
  10. DixieTexian

    DixieTexian Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    Somewhere down in Texas
    Like others have said, knives are pretty much a necessity. Guns are too dangerous in those close quarters. I've killed a few hogs with a knife, but more often we throw them down and hog tie them. Then you can feed it out on corn before slaughtering it. A six inch knife is plenty. I've felt the tip rake the inside of the ribs on the other side a few times. I didn't have a problem with the video. The music captures how you feel when you get up on a bayed pig. The adrenaline factor is through the roof. The onlly thing I didn't like was the pig was small.

    Here is a pig we caught live about a year ago.

    This one we had to stick because there weren't enough dogs to catch it live (the others were chasing other pigs)

    Those were the only two we caught that day. The dogs got too tore up to keep hunting. We had to stitch this one up in 10 different places.

    Down here, hogs are on the same level as fire ants. Think of it like when you get satisfaction out of crushing the fire ant that just bit you on the ankle.
  11. H&Hhunter

    H&Hhunter Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 28, 2003

    Thank you for post. That is just about the most level headed and educational post I've seen on hunting hogs with dogs and knife hunting.

    Good job and keep up the good work.

    As usual those cry foul play at any hunting activity that they don't deem "correct" simply don't have all the facts.
  12. roo_ster

    roo_ster Member

    Oct 2, 2003
    There are a few things that folks just are not understanding.

    Youth in 2007
    No, they didn't have to film it, but it is the thing to do if you're under 25.

    It is 2007. Adolescents have MySpace pages and post stuff they find of interest to Youtube. Adolescents that hunt will post hunting-themed materials. Adolescents that play hockey will post hockey-related materials.

    The vast majority of this posted data, images, and video is adolescent [email protected] Ther eis no law against being a shallow adolescent.

    Personally, I find the hockey-stuff boring and wonder why they felt they had to film and post it... :rolleyes:

    Hunting Methods
    Using a Remchester Model 878 thunderboomer in the latest magnum is not the only way to hunt.

    So, before the advent of black powder, how was it done? Did they talk the beast to death by quoting from the UN Charter, perhaps?

    No, they stabbed, slashed, or bludgeoned the hunted critter. Blood or brains was a-flowing.

    I think that such a hunt would be a hoot, if I were to get back in to shape again.

    Nannyism, Weenieism, and the General [Meow]ification of the Western Male
    How many generations has it been since a majority of Americans lived in a rural setting and understood that meat did not originate in shrink-wrapped styro containers? I find WAY too many folks have no idea how harsh other humans and mother nature can be.

    Elevation of (Fictional) American Indian Hunting Ethos
    The whole "spritualization" of huinting kinda grates on me. It seems a fairly recent phenomena, as my dad and grandpa did not take up the whole spiritual angle. But, they were both born on the farm, so spiritual twaddle about critters did not survive long in the face of their rural reality.
  13. danurve

    danurve Member

    Jan 3, 2006
    Syracuse, NY
    Some of these so called 'hunting videos' are doing much more harm then good.
    Everybody with a damn camcorder thinks all of a sudden they can be a producer or some jazz. Ok so in many places these hogs are varmints, that doesn't mean it's death needs to be a cheap movie.
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