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Hunting Rifle Sight In Time .257 Bob

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by DRYHUMOR, Jun 13, 2009.

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    DRYHUMOR Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    Just a reminder, it is that time of year. I've been shooting a few, including one this morning that I hadn't shot- ever.

    I have a habit of picking up different kinds of ammo in the calibers I shoot as I come across them. One thing, if it doesn't shoot well in my rifle, it doesn't really matter. It becomes practice/plinking ammo, and a source for once fired brass.

    Well today I was trying some .257 Roberts ammo on a new rifle I picked up. Remington 700, CDL SF. 1 in 9 twist. It came in a walnut stock, I promptly switched it over to an HS Precision stock I had another rifle in. Zeiss 2.5-10X scope.

    I shot some some Federal +P 120 gr Noslers, didn't like em. I shot some Hornady custom 117 gr BTSP, it liked em just as well as my Model 70 .257. Then I shot some Hornady Light Magnum +P 117 gr BTSP, well, the target is below. You judge. I only shot 3 rds of it.

    Just so you know, it was only 67 yds, lasered. Portable bench with a sandbag. It was the only clear distance I had, since my lower hay pasture hasn't been cut yet.

    I guess the point is, if you are investing the time, money, and effort to hunt or shoot, at least give it your best shot to find the accurate load your rifle likes.

    And then all the ammo your rifle doesn't shoot well, use it for practicing. That helps build consistency.

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