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I am a progressive liberal - I think Obama is as leftist

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by dogngun, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Zoogster

    Zoogster Member

    Oct 27, 2006
    A good post BenEzra, and things I have noticed in both parties.

    There is groups in both parties that believe in a utopia of one sort or another maintained by absolute authoritarian practices. They tend to not care for gun rights and individual freedoms that run contrary to absolute centralized authority.

    There is still far more gun rights supporters on the right currently, and I explained why in my previous post. But dangerous antis in both parties, and antis that often do quiet well in their respective parties. Which we need to stop.
  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Terlingua, TX; Thomasville,GA
    Seems to be a serious shortage of planning, and a whole bunch of politcs and philosophical viewpoints.
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