I find myself with an unopened 4lb container of Titegroup.


Nov 3, 2011
Any particular application for which it excels? I load 44s, 45 Colt, 45 ACP, 9mm, 357...

I load for plinking and paper punching. For SD rounds I go commercial.
I used to use it for .380, but I've switched over to HP-38/W231 recently. It seemed to do pretty well, I just wasn't a fan of constantly second guessing the powder charges. The HP-38 also cleans up from the powder drop a little easier.

It definitely performs well as a plinking powder. It just wasn't the right one for me.
Ive only load a bit of 45 Colt with Titegroup so far. It seems to be half decent IMHO. Not terrible group sizes from my limited use with it. I think you can find data with TG for most handgun calibers, it may not be the best velocity wise, but it should be half decent accuracy and reliability wise.
Also, it's a very fast burning powder so it only takes a small amount in even a 45 Colt case. It is a good practice to be careful and make sure you are charging the cases properly.
I will jump on the 9 bandwagon, TG is my go to for 9mm.

When I could not get Red Dot / Promo during the Obama years, I used it for a lot of mid range (22 to 28 ksi QL predicted pressures) loads in 357 cases. Here are some Quickload estimates in the above range.

120 gr Lee TC, 1.590 COAL, 6.4 gr TG
125 gr Lee RF, 1.590 COAL, 6.4 gr TG
158 gr Lee RF, 1.590 COAL, 5.6 gr TG
There’s a reason the USPSA surveys used to favor Titegroup, N320, and now Sport Pistol. I think you’ll find there’s data out there for most of your calibers. I used to run it in .40 as well.
All I use for 9mm coated 124rn. 3.8gr is just enough to make power factor. Also works great for 185 lwsc coated 45 acp.
Any particular application for which it excels? I load 44s, 45 Colt, 45 ACP, 9mm, 357...

I load for plinking and paper punching. For SD rounds I go commercial.
It's a great powder for what you listed. Will work in all of those for plinking loads. For 45 Colt I like 5.7 grains for both 200 and 250 coated cast, but there is a lot of wiggle room there..I just like shooting suppressed 45 Colt so I keep them at around 1000fps or slower out of my Henry. 44 Mag, around 7 grains makes for a nice mellow low recoil plinking round. 45 ACP I like 4.5 grains under a 230 FMJ. I have a load worked up for 357, but am not near my notes. 9MM I like 3.0 grains under a 147 for shooting suppressed. With 44 Mag and 357 don't try and load near max with TG, you just end up with a lot of recoil and a fireball, but no real velocity gain, stay in the middle of the load range for those rounds and work to accuracy...you aren't going to see max velocity with magnum calibers, but you'll see amazing accuracy.. TG is probably one of the finest all around pistol powders on the market IMHO, and I use a LOT of it.
n^x for 9mm. I have a downloaded version for Steel Challenge (929 revolver and Ruger PC9) and for IDPA BUG. Then I have a "regular" load (125PF+) for USPSA and IDPA.

I also use it in .38spl for IDPA and ICORE. The former a 4" and the later a 6", revolvers. Of course these are only in the 115PF to 125PF range.
Titegroup is good range fodder powder. I tend to get partially scorched cases with most calibers but the scorch marks don't go all the way down to the base of the brass so don't worry if you see a crescent shaped black mark so long as it doesn't extend all the way down. The soot simply cleans off when I tumble the brass. I thought the claim "burns hot" was myth but experience showed me that it really does burn hotter than loads using other powders. My handgun barrels get quite a bit hotter after a few magazines worth of Titegroup, so hot that I'd have to wait a while to let the barrel cool down before field stripping the barrel. That being said, it works well with all pistol calibers, shotgun loads and reduced recoil rifle loads and I used them in all applications asap to burn up an 8 pound jug I bought during the last shortage.

Be sure to check your powder drops because it's also a very dense powder and it's easy to double or triple charge a case without filling it to the top.

Double charge of Titegroup versus double charge of Unique in 9mm cases.
What's your load for the heavier bullets?

I got a couple

147 XTP and 3.4gr of TG
147 HiTek coated and 3.4gr of TG

230 XTP and 4.5gr of TG
230 HiTek RN and 4.6gr of TG

I loaded all of these to "plunk" in my pistols, all are subsonic, and all have a nice light recoil impulse. Im not saying that TG doesnt work with lighter bullets, its just that I find something like CFE-P works better with lighter bullets.