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    Certainly depends on the state and location. Here if it’s not a federal building or school, worst case is it’s a fine if they see you and ask you to leave and you refuse. I’m sure in some states it much worse, but it is always a concern on the rare occasions I go to the post office, or picking the kids up from school.
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    I'm really here for the salsa recipe if it's hot! :evil:
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    Dec 11, 2014
    I went all day carrying an unload gun on one occasion, and on another, I forgot yo put my guns it's holster. I went all day with an IWB holster on with no gun in it. I didn't realize it until I went to change clothes at night.
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    Oct 22, 2005
    Well, once i traveled a few hours with my fiance to see how much I could get in trade in or cash value for an xd 45.

    I've talked about that gun before. I was so excited to get it. I read all the hype and magazines. Points like a 1911, holds 13 rounds! Etc. I got it brand new as soon as it came out in like 2006.

    Me and multiple people could never get this gun to group for anything. It was bad.

    Anyway, the offers were way too low-ball and we were headed back. We got caught in a torrential downpour with zero visibility. It wasn't letting up so I hung my head out of the window and limped along to this odd roadside motel.

    Really creepy dude at the counter. Proper Bates motel vibes. Anyway, we were exhausted and also pretty poor. I had enough cash only for a craphole like this.

    Got the room, noticed a few other cars which seemed like maybe they had been there awhile. It was late and pouring so we got inside. Dried off a little bit and decided to basically sleep in our clothes and leave whenever the rain stopped.

    Very unsettling location though, and felt like I was starring in my own horror movie. NOT A FAN.

    At this time there was no legal CCW in my state. I used to often bring a gun and loaded mag, "six seconds to safety" we called it. A poor man's legal carry.

    On this occasion though I just had the XD 45...and not a single solitary round.

    Anyway, about 2 am I'm fully awake, bad feeling . We both weren't actually sleeping and couldn't relax.

    Then I realized I was hearing an odd sound I couldn't place. It took me a minute to realize it was someone trying, with great eagerness, our door handle. Really just giving it what for and wrenching on it.

    No cell phones, room phone didn't work, and I've got an empty XD 45 pointed at the door. I figure, if they get in here I will use my mind power and if I really react and behave as if this has 14 hydro shocks in it maybe we'll be okay.

    Anyway, I don't recommend traveling far afield without a pistol, and I would've been very grateful for even a single round of ball ammo just then!

    Did a pretty good barricade job on that door and the handle held..sat up the rest of the night with the XD loaded with mind power only on my lap.
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    I have not had these issues OP, but I did notice a good bit of lint build up on my carry gun I think I will give it a cleaning. So easy to forget.
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    The FBI never issued full power 10mm. I don't know where this myth got started, but it just won't die. I just read it again in a magazine article yesterday. The FBI settled on a downloaded 10mm loading before they ever issued any guns in the caliber because it met their protocols at the downloaded level. They issued 10mm guns with this downloaded round and when they "gave up on the 10mm" it was to go to the .40S&W which duplicated their downloaded 10mm but in smaller pistols.
    All things considered, this is actually a pretty good outcome from getting distracted while dryfiring. You could have reloaded the pistol and gone back to dryfiring.

    In other words, it's far better to lose track of the condition of a gun and find later that it is unloaded than to find out that it was loaded when you think it wasn't.

    I recommend that you set up a dryfiring protocol and follow it rigorously. The consequences of losing track of the condition of a gun can be really severe.
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