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Discussion in 'Hunting' started by trapperjohn, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. trapperjohn

    trapperjohn Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    from an early age I had an interest in hunting, but also tinkering and making stuff, which is probably why I became an engineer. I am not sure which led to my interest in guns, probably both.
    I hunt what I can locally and have only ever traveled out of state to hunt duck and pheasant, never large game. My big game hunting experience has been limited to local, southern whitetails hunted in timber so I am shooting them close. The truth is unless someone gifts me a winning lottery ticket or I build a business I can sell for a fortune I will probably never travel to hunt big game. That being said, I have been well set for years with rifles adequate for my hunting needs, 30-06, 308, 45-70. Truth be told I am sure I could get by with my .223 for the local deer.
    I grew up reading stories of trapping in Alaska and hunting in Africa by authors like Ruark and Capstick and have often thought it would be nice to have something like a 375H&H or something else not common here. because of that when I am in a gun store I will often look for something "different"
    Some years ago I bought a CZ550 in 30-06 and loved it (still have it) I loved the fit and finish and the action and its inherent accuracy. Several months ago I was in my local gun store seeing if there was anything "interesting" and ran across a CZ UHR, which is a 550 only in 300 win mag but built to tighter tolerances and guaranteed to keep 1 MOA out to 600 yards. Unfortunately CZ stopped making that rifle and stopped making the 550 in general. I had zero interest in a magnum, especially a 30 caliber magnum,after all I had a great '06 and a 308. Not to mention I don't need a magnum to hunt bambi at close range. But accurate rifles (especially ones I can work on) have the same affect on me that fast cars have on testosterone laden teenage boys.
    After waffling for a week or two I pulled to trigger, It was new in the box, sold on consignment, and cheaper by a long shot than any place else I could get it.
    I have had fun working with it, I bedded it, can shoot under 0.5 MOA at 300 yards and at this point I do not even know If I will use it to deer hunt or maybe I will take up shooting in some local matches instead. In the meantime I plan on working up loads, not because I need to castrate a gnat at 500 yards but because I enjoy tinkering with loads and seeing what I can create.
    even though being a hunter is a part of my identity, as it is anyone on this forum, sometimes the joy is in the journey, in mastering our tools or creating them.
  2. Highland Lofts

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    May 1, 2019
    You got a good buy on that rifle. It's all about being at the right spot at the right time.
    Unless you are shooting long distance I don't see a need for that caliber in your neck of the woods.
    It will be a fun gun to shoot and yo load for.

    I just bought a large caliber Remington 700 in 338 RUM.
    The guy I bought it from used it on long distance blacktail deer out here in Washington State.
    There was a spot he hunted with a real steep & wide ravine. He would always see deer on the other side of this ravine. He bought a range finder and found out the deer averaged 950 yards from where he could set up and across the ravine.

    The outdoor shooting range he went to had a 300 yard set up. He sighted it in at 300 yards. Then went up to this hunting spot. He then started shooting at objects across the ravine and used a spotting scope he bought to see where he needed to adjust the scope.
    He quit deer huntinf & shooting four years ago so I got a goot deal on a bunch of stuff including that Remington 700. It had a $850 Ziess scope on it which I peeled off and mounted on a Ruger 77 in 25/06.
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