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IL - 2/22 - please fill out witness slip

Discussion in 'Activism' started by wtr100, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. wtr100

    wtr100 Member

    Jan 2, 2008
    Even if you're NOT from IL feel free to fill one out - they're organic, free range electrons :evil:

    Seriouly help those of us behind enemy lines ...


    OK - Madigan is having a hearing in Chicago on Friday. The public is attending - please go if you can. EITHER way, please fill out Witness Slips and place the below list into the "Subject" area. When you submit one, then just click the "back" button, type in the subject and your position on the issue - click SUBMIT and then go back and keep updating the "subject". Info from

    Get an ILGA Account HERE (Makes filling out the witness slips VERY quick)

    HERE is the link to the Friday Witness Slip form:

    Link to Illinois Carry topic with more info HERE

    A Way for Your Voice to be Heard at Speaker Madigan's Public Hearings on Proposed Right to Carry and Other Gun Issues.

    Public Invited to Speak and/or File Witness Slips

    Speaker Mike Madigan has called for two public hearings for Illinois residents to voice their support or opposition to proposed Right to Carry legislation.

    This is an opportunity to speak out against a Chicago-style carry law and in support of a fair and reasonable law. It is also an opportunity to speak against firearm and magazine bans and other firearm related issues. Please plan to attend one of these meetings and make your voice heard. Seating will be limited so plan to arrive early.

    If you cannot attend, please go online and file a witness slip. Link for Feb. 22, 2013 hearing.

    Instructions on how to fill out the witness slips:
    1. Fill out identification information. If you are filing as an individual, enter "NA" for firm/business/agency and also for title.

    2. Enter "NA" for "persons, groups, firms represented".

    3. Position. You will need to enter each subject matter issue you wish to support or oppose. Click on the circle beside your choice of position. (DO NOT USE THE ARROW KEYS, doing so will change your vote - use the scroll bar to navigate around the page).

    4. Enter the next item.
    Suggested subject matter to enter
    Shall issue license carry - proponent
    Statewide preemption for license to carry - proponent
    May issue License to carry - opponent
    Firearm ban - opponent
    Magazine ban - opponent
    Ammunition ban - opponent
    Registration of firearm/magazines - opponent
    Banning private sales/transfers of firearms - opponent
    One gun a month - opponent
    Report lost or stolen firearm - opponent

    5. Testimony - check "record of appearance" if you are not giving oral or written testimony.

    6. Please submit only one slip per person.


    Attendees will be required to show official state identification and pass through strict security.

    Friday, Feb. 22, 2013
    10:00 a.m.
    6th Floor Committee Room, Michael A. Bilandic Bldg.
    160 N. LaSalle St
    Chicago, IL
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