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IL Call to Action HB4290 Stage 2

Discussion in 'Activism' started by wtr100, Apr 25, 2014.

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  1. wtr100

    wtr100 Member

    Jan 2, 2008
    Following yesterday's Call to Action in which we asked members to contact Senate Sponsor Michael Connelly at senatorconnelly21@gmail.com , we now ask that you build on that effort by contacting every member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to share our concerns.

    These members will hear the bill in committee on 4/29/2014:

    Senator Raoul: info@kwameraoul.com
    (773) 363-1996
    (773) 681-7166 FAX

    Senator Mulroe: senatorjohnmulroe@att.net
    (773) 763-3810
    (773) 763-3881 FAX

    Senator Haine: senatorhaine@senatedem.illinois.gov

    (618) 465-4764
    (618) 465-4816 FAX

    Senator Harmon: dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gov

    (708) 848-2002
    (708) 848-2022 FAX

    Senator Hastings: mhastings@senatedem.ilga.gov

    708) 283-4125
    (708) 253-1313 FAX

    Senator Hutchinson: info@toihutchinson.com

    (708) 756-0882
    (708) 756-0885 FAX

    Senator Noland: noland@senatedem.state.il.us

    (847) 214-8864
    (847) 214-8867 FAX

    Senator Silverstein: silverstein@senatedem.state.il.us

    (773) 743-5015
    (773) 743-4750 FAX

    Senator Dillard: senator@kdillard.com

    (630) 969-0990
    (630) 969-1007 FAX

    Senator Barickman: jason@jasonbarickman.org

    (309) 661-2788
    (309) 210-5544 FAX

    Senator LaHood: SenatorLaHood@att.net

    (309) 693-4921
    (309) 693-4923 FAX

    Senator Righter: drighter@consolidated.net

    (217) 235-6033
    (217) 235-6052 FAX

    The concerns we ask that you voice to these committee members are:

    > Under HB4290 an instructor charged with falling short of the required training for a class of 20 students will face revocation of credentials, up to 1 year in prison, and a maximum $62,000 penalty

    > An instructor who was the subject of a recent Illinois State Police press release, under HB4290 language, would face maximum fines and surcharges totaling $1,021,875 in addition to revocation of credentials and prison.

    > HB4290 does not explain how charges against out of state instructors will be handled. Will they be extradited for trial and sentencing, or will they face nothing more than revocation of credentials with only Illinois instructors being subject to the full brunt of these outrageous penalties

    > HB4290 offers no guarantee of restitution to the aggrieved students, making them the potential victim of both the instructor's and the State's indifference to their rights

    > There are no safeguards against false allegations, whether made by disgruntled students, instructors in competition with the accused, or overzealous prosecutors.

    > There are no safeguards against charges being leveled for the most minor misunderstanding or slight variation in length or content of training.

    > HB4290 fails to differentiate between incompetent instruction, and dishonest instruction.

    > In removing the possibility of court supervision, those promoting HB4290 seek to relieve the Judiciary of its Constitutionally mandated power and authority, vesting them instead in the single branch of government under their direct control

    > The ISP already has the authority to revoke an instructor's teaching credentials

    > The ISP already has the authority to deny or revoke a concealed carry license

    > With revocation procedures already in place the purpose of HB4290 is retribution, not safety. If safety was the issue this bill would have been offered in the Fall Veto Session. If safety was the issue this bill would not have languished in the House more than 2 months in the Spring Session before debate. If safety is the issue this bill would not now be sitting idle in the Senate more than 3 weeks.

    If you have not already filed a witness slip against this bill, please do so now:

    Log on to the ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account first, then file as an OPPONENT at the link below.
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