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Il Urgent Gun Owner Alert

Discussion in 'Legal' started by FRIZ, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. FRIZ

    FRIZ Member

    May 24, 2003

    On Wednesday morning, 20 October, IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be joined by IL State Senator John Cullerton and IL State Representative Karen May at a press conference during which they will introduce the "2005 ILLINOIS ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN." This proposed legislation will include bans on most, if not all, semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns. It will also ban black powder rifles and any other firearm having a bore of .50 caliber or greater. The legislation will also require you to turn in your guns to the police or face forced confiscation.


    1. Call Attorney General Madigan's offices at (312) 814-3000 AND (217) 782-1090 and tell the operator to tell Lisa Madigan that you are a law-abiding supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that you resent her attack on your rights.

    2. Call Senator John Cullerton's offices at (217) 782-7260 AND (773) 883-0770 and tell the operator that you are a law-abiding supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that you OPPOSE Cullerton's Assault Weapons Ban.

    3. Call Representative Karen May's offices at (217) 782-0902 AND (847) 831-5858 and tell the operator that you are a law-abiding supporter of the 2nd Amendment and that you OPPOSE May's Assault Weapons Ban.

    4. Pass this alert along to all your friends and tell them to make those phone calls NOW.

    5. Please post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards that you may belong to.


    Rabid gun grabber and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Barack Obama, will be making a whistle stop at the Downers Grove METRA station at approximately 5:00 PM on Wednesday, 20 October. We would like all area gun owners to be on hand to give Obama a "rousing" welcome to Downers Grove. Please be on hand at the train station before 5:00 PM. Be prepared to shout, holler and give gun grabber Obama a piece of your mind. The local Republican Headquarters is located at 5150 S. Main, they will have signs and other things you can wave at Obama.

    REMEMBER: Gun Control is a disease...YOU are the cure!!
  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Dec 24, 2002
    Idahohoho, the jolliest state
    I think it would make more sense for Illinois to pass CCW and shall issue laws than this ludicrous example of leftist extremism.
  3. DonP

    DonP Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Chicago area
    Thank you George Ryan

    Because of incredible incompetence and blind greed on the part of the Illinois Republican party the far left Democrats now run the entire freakin state.

    What remains of the Republican party is a handful of old fart politicians who are, in essence, arguing over which of them gets the last deck chair on the Titanic as it slips beneath the waves. Then congratulating themselves on beating their internal rivals as the water closes over their head.

    Draconian gun control measures, like the one they are proposing, usually don't make much progress, thanks mainly to downstate Democrats.

    (Moderate rant to follow)

    But the regular hysteria promoted by the Illinois State Rifle Assn (ISRA) has worn pretty thin. Each of those announcements (about one every 60 days or so) of "the sky is falling" is accompanied by another envelope asking for emergency contributions to their political action fund.

    The ISRA is run by another bunch of self serving good ole boys that have turned the ISRA range in Kanakakee into what amounts to a private club with no access by regular members and a hefty surcharge if you want to join.

    They also set up bylaws that require 2/3 of the membership present to elect officers by voting in person at the annual meeting. No proxies, mail or online voting are allowed. That way they never have a quorum at the meetings so the same ghuys keep running things year after year.

    I dropped my membership and at every gun show when they stop me and ask me to join, I ask them if they have opened their range to other members yet or have they changed their rules on voting. The usual response is to look at the floor or mumble something about "working for our rights". Yeah, that's why Illinois is such a gun owners paradise.

    (rant off)

    FWIW, I'll contact my state senator and representative and let them know there is another PoC feel-good legislation comning down the pike. They are used to hearing from me on this stuff and have actually called me to get details for their position papers. At least they actually know what semi-automatic means.
  4. mack69

    mack69 Member

    May 21, 2004
    Just passin through!

    I am totally fed up with these panty waste antis....if "THEY" spent half the time, energy and wasted $$$$ in creating and carrying out laws to severely punish gun related crimes imagine how much better life in this state and country would be. The thing that torques me the most is that "THEY" have more or less labeled us upstanding citizens as criminals....Instead of going after the problem... "THEY" go after us....I say if "THEY" can't fix the problem in this state or more to the point in Chicago..."THEY" get rid of king dick and all others like him and his state idiot rod. We as upstanding gun toting citizens need to get off our collective butts and get out there and drive these lying, cheating back stabbing PITA's out of office and out of the country. One would think that at this time of terrorist threat "THEY" would have the presence of mind to embrace the fact that AMERICA is to be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS!!! It is what made us free and it is the only way we will stay free!!! For me at least...."THEY" have taken the quiet easy going everyday man and replaced him with a hardcore to the wall, gun toting, 2nd Ammendment spouting, NRA backing....hard case....Sorry for the flame guys.....but I have truly had it.....mack
  5. six 4 sure

    six 4 sure Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Harrisburg, IL
    It’s nice to know where their priorities are, the state is billions in debt, we are the only state (in the mid-west) that has lost jobs over the last couple of years, and meth labs are a common as mosquitoes. Exactly how is taking the guns away from law abiding citizens going to cure any of that?
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