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In looking for an AK, out with a Marlin

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jgooderh, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. jgooderh

    jgooderh Member

    Dec 15, 2008
    SE Mi.
    Hello All;

    I had been thinking about purchasing a long gun for quite some time. I have a Marlin model 60, but I felt that I needed something with more ‘oomph’ should the need arise. I had decided to go the local gun shop just to get an idea of pricing and if there was something there that fit the bill for me, I would get it right there.

    I had it in my head that I was going to look for an AK variant or a Mini 14. When I got there, the store was quite busy. The AK’s were behind the counter and from what I could see, they were fetching a premium. They looked used, and were $700. There was a Mini14 NRA edition that was not behind the counter and it was going new for $800 (with 1 magazine). All of the AR platforms looked to be around a grand. Those were the prices and considering the economic future here in MI. more than I was willing to pay.

    I had spent a bit more time there browsing and settled on the levergun rack. There were some pistol caliber leverguns going for $500 to $600 and then I had spied a used Winchester 94 and Marlin 336CS there, both 30-30. The Winchester was slimmer and felt really nice but seemed worn out, especially the lever action itself. The Marlin felt like new, there were a few dings and small scratches on the woodwork, but the lever action was very nice. I took it out the door for less than $290 with tax.

    It was made in 85 from what I can gather so it has the safety. That doesn’t bother me and I will make the safety part of my manual with this firearm. I will be looking to put a peep sight on it and refinish the wood, get a good sling and one of those little buttstock covers that hold extra ammo.

    I haven’t spent a lot of time with long guns and I am not very familiar with platforms, bullet speed/weights, etc… so this is new to me. I’m not a hunter but I may try it sometime in the future. I wouldn’t use it for indoors home defense (I have handguns for that), but for an SD rifle, I think it fills the 12 to 120 yard gap just fine for me. I realize that 30-30 ammo isn’t the cheapest, but I will practice enough to be proficient with it. And it’s built like a tank. For less than $300 I felt that I made a good decision.

    I just found it interesting that it sure wasn’t what I was looking for but I am pleased I found it. Thanks for reading.:)
  2. cleardiddion

    cleardiddion Member

    Dec 4, 2007
    Congradulations on the great find!
    You'll definitely have to tell us how it shoots when you finally get around to taking it out :)
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