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Discussion in 'Legal' started by txgho1911, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Mar 21, 2004
    Indiana members, shooters, and voters,

    I have stayed low recently working at the job. Family priorities and work obligations took over once the Indiana primary elections where complete. Again though I am looking at the states next question. Several questions in fact. Join me in this.

    Throughout the state we have many good quality people in the State Senate. Very fortunately in many respects and unfortunate in others we no longer have Bob Garton to miss-lead the Senate. Who would we promote for the next President pro-tempore of the Senate! As everyone who has followed any small part of state legislation we have many good compassionate people in the Senate. We need in addition to support for RKBA but also people who will be willing to end the spend it all again process of digging the state a deeper hole.

    End run to remove the states obsticles to RKBA and guarantees for future generations. I know this sounds like a tall order and would require amending the state constitution. Election day in Nov will need everyone to participate. We cannot afford anyone to stay home. Every dime and mile we can spare in helping the people who are supporting our views is needed now and ever more. I do not want to wait for it to get bad enough so people finally wake up. RKBA has been rebounding more in the past 10 years than not. In addition to fixes required in this years legislation there are other issues in law and policy and yes we may not relieve the state of all regulation of firearms.

    I may be repeating what has been said before. Who is on our side in the upcoming elections. Where do we need more help. I am not rich but I will be on the phones and walking in communities this summer supporting and promoting legislators who agree with many if not all of our views.


    Indiana Gun Owners
Thread Status:
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