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Indiana Legislation Status SB054, HB1176, HB1028

Discussion in 'Legal' started by txgho1911, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    I stepped over to the Senate today and walked Sen. Johnny Nugent out of the
    There was a deal on HB1028. We will have to support or at least convey support to an opponent in the primary for those lead by corporate strings. For now, this will only contain the castle doctrine protections for self-defense.
    1176&054 started as reforms for the renewal of the Indiana License to carry handgun. It has now grown into something much bigger.
    HB1176 has passed out of committee in the Senate. S054 has passed out of
    committee in the House. Both of these bills experienced changes. As I understand it, the House amended S054 to read like the HB1176 with the lifetime renewal. The Senate committee adjusted HB1176.
    The Senator explained to me that the Indiana State Police does not get the fees we pay. That money currently goes directly to the states general fund. I did not know that. As explained HB1176 will:
    1. Allows for higher fees to acquire the lifetime license. Slightly less for the
    renewal to the lifetime license.
    2. Fees for the license will be divided between the general fund, Local
    issuing PD or SO, and the remainder going to the ISP to cover the cost for
    This second part was needed to keep or get support from the state's LEO
    administration community.
    I do not agree with all of these points and for now, I cannot disagree with the lifetime license. I will still look forward to improvements like AK or VT
    styled laws.

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