Is Coharie still in business

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Surplus nut

Jan 26, 2010
I have to agree with others, I am starting to be put off by HK. For a long time I was a huge fan of HK. I shot an MP5 at the local range about a month ago, and was very impressed. Since that day I have been looking into getting one. I can't afford the real thing, so I was looking at getting a good knock off. I have seen a lot of posts on Coharie arms CA89 and am definitely interested. I have looked online at their site but no way to order. Does anyone know how to order one? I've tried emailing them, but no response. Are they a quality firearm? Has HK made them stop selling as well?

Maybe now I should just pick up a GSG. .22 is cheap to shoot, and I have seen many for sale in the 400-500 range. Not a bad cost for a new production firearm.

Any advice would be appreciated.
You'd be wise to steer clear of Coharie. The guy that owns them is bad news, and puts out a terrible product. Google should return a few examples of nightmares his customers have gone through.
Thanks for the advice Kingpin. So is there a good MP5 clone out there? Is vector any good? I have seen a few of their firearms on different sites, but always pricey. I think my budget is in the $1500 range.

I have seen a few posts and threads about how long it has taken Coharie to ship. But time isn't an issue for me. I just want a good MP5 clone that works well.

Surplus - I'm not sure about Vector - I seem to remember that they're another one of the companies owned by the guy who owned Coharie, and if that's true (please check, I don't have the time at the moment) you'll do well to stay away.

The man who owned Coharie is named Todd Bailey. He's well known for producing utter junk, then ditching customers and bailing out of whatever company he owns at the time to start a new one.

Here's an idea of what you're dealing with if you buy from the fella:

Google his name, and you'll see it's much more of an issue than slow shipping, lol.
Yes the Choarie / Special Weapons gang is still in operations . We offer a few MP5 Style 9mm rifles & pistols depending on what you are wanting to use it for they start in the $1400 range and go up to $2600. 00. Please feel free to call or email to discuss the unit that may best fit your needs , please mention that you are a HR member etc we try to hook members up with perks or discounts when possible !!

I have 5 SWs, Bobcats and Coharies.
9mms and 10mms.
I run them in full auto using S&H sears.
The only problemsI have ever had were with extractors and springs, which were replaced with HK parts.

Todd has a bad rap cause he is a diick head.

My guns run very well.


My CA94 has run fine on WWB and Blazer once I put about 100 rounds through it to break it in.

The bad rep probably started back with Bobcat and SW and has carried over into Coharie, despite the improvements that have been made. I have no complaints about mine.
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