I've heard people say 308 isn't enough rifle

It "sucks" for cottontail rabbits too. If you're close enough though, it works okay for snipping the head off a mountain grouse ("a fool hen") for the frying pan back at camp. ;)
BTW, shooting mountain grouse with big game rifles (during season) is perfectly legal here. You just have to be careful to not shoot "low" - hitting a mountain grouse in the breast with a .308 Winchester (or any other big game rifle) doesn't leave much for supper. 😮
I was going to mention similar and just never got it in there. :)

Yeah, DON'T shoot low for sure. I remember seeing what looked like an early snow squall when a friend shot a ptarmigan that'd put on it's winter coat..........he had a spankin' new 7 mag when they first came out...............ok if you like eatin' heads and feet!!!
If you really value 30 cal and want to have a short action, 308 is for you. Maybe you want a little lighter rifle without a penalty in recoil. I think 308 is ideal for stand or hunting from a blind with predetermined shooting lanes. Or maybe if something larger than deer is being hunted.
For deer hunting, spot and stalk, open country, I like something a bit faster in the MV department, and 150-175 gr. bullets are not necessary.
OTOH a 308 can stretch its legs a little in ways a 30-30 can't.
Lets say somebody was just committed to their 308 for all situations. Start with a 22" barrel and a fixed 6 scope. Handload some 150-168 gr. bullets and sight in 3" high at 100 yds. Find a nice sling. That rifle will be deadly on most game well out past 250 yds. with no hold over.
The .308 will work UNLESS you really like or need heavy bullets for hunting use. My bias is to the 30-06 Govt as I have two pre-64
Model 70s in that caliber. I have a supply of 200 gr Nosler partitions, Swift A-frames, and 225 gr original Barnes bullets. The 220-225 gr bullets with 4350 turn the 30-06
into a close .318 Westley Richards-like rifle for bear and moose.
Then, there is a custom early Mauser in 30-06 Ackley Improved, which adds 125 fps to all bullet weights, but will shoot standard 30-06 cartridges in the process of fire-forming.
The velocity gained with the extra powder space is lost with the standard 06 case being used, but it returns to slightly less than 30-06 velocities in the Improved chamber.
And, there is ammunition available in Alaska and Africa. PO Ackley was a smart riflesmith.

One of these is a 1950s FWT M-70 with a Niedner-Biesen styled stock (Skeletal buttplate and grip plate-fine checked). Quite the deer rifle, and it only weighs about 7 pounds with
early Leopold 4X scope.
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I have heard that W.D.M. Bell would have liked a 308 in a Model 70 for elephants...

He probably wasn't trying to sell rifles or impress his buddies.