Judge blocks California law requiring safety features for handguns

There is absolutely nothing in that law that promotes safety. It was designed and intended to eliminate handgun purchases over time in Ca by end-arounding the 2A. (AKA: Death by 1,000 cuts.)

Ca will appeal, it will be tied up for months if not years, and hopefully will finally be squashed for the garbage that it is.

Stay safe.
Funny, this "safety" law didn't apply to LEO firearms. o_O
They never do. Therefore they never should apply to you and me.
Judge Carney's words - https://www.thehighroad.org/index.p...-legal-challenges.913421/page-2#post-12582042

... if Off-Roster firearms were truly unsafe, California would not allow law enforcement to use them in the line of duty, when the stakes are highest. But the substantial majority of California’s law enforcement officers use Off-Roster handguns in the line of duty.

... government’s own witness, Special Agent Salvador Gonzalez, testified that he uses an Off-Roster duty handgun without a CLI, MDM, or microstamping capability. If CLIs and MDMs truly increased the overall safety of a firearm, law enforcement surely would use them. But they do not. Instead, they choose to use “newer, improved and safer generations of handguns” that are Off-Roster.​