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just a thought....

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by shouldifail, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. shouldifail

    shouldifail Member

    Oct 4, 2007
    great lakes state
    not sure whether this would better fit into the activism forum, if so...please feel free to move.

    with the results in from the presidential election, and the overwhelming fear of most of us on this forum, not to mention the "what do we do now" threads...we as firearms owners, enthusiasts, collectors, and sportsmen need to make our voices heard in washington.
    joining a pro RKBA organization would certainly help, however i feel that the more "individual" effort that is made, the more receptive washington may be.

    so this is what i am proposing:
    first......... we need to have someone(lawyer, eloquent writer,scholar, etc) draft up a form letter that we can all use as a template. the letter would explain how there is a great deal of worry about what kind of jeopardy our 2nd ammendment rights are in, our concerns, our stance on the RKBA. this letter MUST be well written, professional, and be very HIGH ROAD.
    there must be someone here who could do this.

    second...... each of us need to include something about what firearms mean to us. could be a story of hunting with a parent, grandparent, child. could be something about attending an appleseed shoot, or CMP sponsored event. could be a story of concealed carry and how a criminal activity was thwarted without a shot being fired. you get the idea. we need to HUMANIZE the firearms culture, especially when it has been so villified.

    third.....we need to send these letters by snail mail to the white house.
    imagine even 10,000 letters showing up in washington all pertaining to the second ammendment.

    fourth....we each need to get as many people as possible to do the same.

    the president elect appears to have a decent head on his shoulders...atleast in the sense of being able to listen to the population and address issues that make people uneasy. perhaps it will have no effect, but i feel it is better than doing nothing.
    just a thought on a very touchy subject right now....
    and merely my $.02

    PLEASE do not turn this into a political rant, this is meant to be a productive means to show those in power how we feel about the second ammendment/RKBA.
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