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Just got back from a gun show today, wooohooo!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Redneck with a 40, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Redneck with a 40

    Redneck with a 40 Member

    Jul 26, 2006
    It was a great gun show, very large, lots of guns and accessories.:D I ended up buying a case of CCI small pistol primers for $100, 500 once fired 40 S&W brass for $8!, and a new Taurus 941 22 magnum revolver. It was a great day.:D I picked up the 22 magnum for $275, new in box.:D

    There is another gun show coming up out here in July, I'm gonna load up on some 357 magnum components, so I can start cranking out some rounds.:D I've got a boatload of 40 S&W rounds loaded....3500 of'em.:D
  2. Bainx

    Bainx member

    Dec 26, 2002
    East TN
    Glad to hear you did so well. I too, have snapped up some bargains at gunshows in Knoxville. For example, Turk Mauser for $25, M44 matching for $25, 8mm Mauser bandoeers for $5 and on and on. There are deals at gunshows if you are early and diligent.
  3. .cheese.

    .cheese. Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    OMG! See! This is what happens with that gun-show loophole!

    People end up happy!

    Such a tragedy.
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