Just learned that Lee is the only die maker that includes a shell holder.

The shell holder that came with my Lee .380 dies was so sloppy, I threw it away and bought a RCBS.
Midway is selling RCBS holders for $8.50. It's not going to break the bank.

They have come down in price then which is good. Locally I can buy Hornady for 5-6 bucks a piece, but RCBS is 12-13. So that has shaped my thinking on the entire thing.
was at a local reloading shop and was looking at some RCBS dies. I asked one of the people that work there and they said that only "budget" dies like Lee include a shell holder.
Not exactly true. RBCS trimmer #2 and some older Forester presses used a "universal case holder". That is a device which expands and contracts to accept a variety of different size cartridges. They had a tightening ring that would pressure the base and hold the cases tight.
The other companies (RCBS, Lyman, etc) have been leaving out shell holders since WAY before progressive presses became more common!


I use RCBS and Lee dies. I have found all my Lee dies do good but RCBS shell holders always fit.. A few of my Lee's have been just a little loosey-goosey and one caliber won't hold a case to remove it from the sizing die. It was replaced with an RCBS. Shell holders are inexpensive compared to other tools. By the way, RCBS has a lifetime warranty on most of their reloading equipment excepting their electronics. I believe it even covers their inertia bullet puller. Lee does not.
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