Kahr MK9 Range Report (and Kahr pistols in general)

I did finally get around to trying carrying my CM9. And, concluded it would be difficult for me to belt carry. Worn in a belt holster, the CM9 grip is just too small for me to reliably draw.

Perhaps the next size up, the CW9, would work. Perhaps I won't worry about it.

Sounds like you may be running a straight holster. I’d recommend you get a canted or FBI cant holster. It gives you more room to get a good grip before you draw.

Is there an echo in here? ...echo in here? ;)

I found if I really pushed myself trying to draw my CM9, I wound up with the back of the slide in my palm... not exactly the hot setup for follow up shots. That is drawing from my canted High Noon... there just isn't enough grip to grip. The Kahrs have a fairly low bore axis, making them quite compact. There may be some anatomical combination that works well drawing a CM9 from concealment, but I don't have that layout.


If you have a spare $400 or so lying around, and you like your CM9, give the CW9 a test drive... I don't think you would be disappointed. It's the CM9 x1000... it is literally greater than the sum of it's parts.

I ordered that little pinky extension from Amazon or Midway...

I have a few different extensions for my 'M' pistols, they definitely help control and accuracy. The best ones are still, obviously, the extended 7rd versions... but then you are at the length of the CW9.... so you might as well just carry that.


...and probably my favorite... the 7rd mag with a filler...

A few decades ago I had an MK9 and K9, both elite. They were great guns, but I sold and trade for Glocks because of the weight and capacity differences.
Later I got a PM9 and PM45. the PM9 was great but I was in the need for a J frame so off it went. The PM45 was a dog for over 800 rounds before it would finally fire two magazines (11 rounds) without a bobble. It just didn't inspire me so off it went.
Straight drop holsters work better for some reason. I've noticed that many people that carry the Kahr, use straight drop. No cant.

What I was trying was a Desantis Pegasus Slim-Tuk, specific for the CM9/PM9. Worn AIWB. Totally adjustable for cant, out of the box it's set for vertical. I'll give it another try with the pinky extension. But, if this ends up being basically a super-LCP, that's OK too.