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Killing the Eagle - Preview

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ShunZu, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. ShunZu

    ShunZu member

    Oct 8, 2007
    Near St. Louis, MO
    Those of you who read, and helped edit the first book in the trilogy know it's now in print, and if you've been keeping up on its sequel, The Cataclysm Scroll, know it's now finished and in final edit stage. The third novel in the series is now underway, "Killing the Eagle". If you're interested, here's a sneak preview at the top of chapter 1:

    Killing the Eagle


    The gun safe stood open, the instruments of death lined up neatly in rows as if they were soldiers standing at attention anxiously waiting to be called to war.

    To some, these weapons would appear terrifying, the death they could render would justify their being destroyed. Melted down to make religious icons for the church would be a far superior manifestation of their steel. They were invariably used by mean people to commit crimes against helpless individuals, so the only civilized way to get rid of weapons was to legislate them out of existence. If the criminals in the Nation didn’t have guns, it would set the stage for America to become the Camelot of legend; Peace would prevail, love would conquer all.

    To others, they were just tools, like a hammer or saw, used to perform a specific task such as putting meat on the table for the family’s dinner. And if they needed a tool to protect themselves when confronted by violent criminals, a gun was far superior to a hammer. With 48 states allowing concealed carry of weapons by their law-abiding citizens, CCW, violent crime rates had been steadily dropping per capita since Florida had started the licensing trend. Single mothers, handicapped people, and other Americans who would otherwise be easy prey for criminal predators were no longer an easy mark in the eyes of the bad guys; the potential victim may be armed.

    Yet, to others, the weapons represented the pillars of liberty and freedom, a guarantee that the United States would never witness tyranny of government such as what Germany had suffered in the 20th century. It is that government who first disarmed their citizens under the promise of additional security, then confiscated the weapons and murdered over six million innocent civilians in gas chambers.

    Americans that had a sense of history understood weapons had always made the difference between being a subject or a citizen. Medieval England required a man be knighted by their King to be allowed to carry a sword or knife. The founding fathers of the United States perceived an injustice of that system and wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights accordingly. Today in the eyes of many Americans, the 2nd amendment had nothing to do with hunting; It aimed at preserving all of the other articles in the Bill of Rights – by force, if necessary.
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